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Message to Obama

In watching the HHS and White House response to the Ebola outbreak, I am extremely skeptical that you really understand the terrible, simmering threat that could rapidly decimate our population if you are not vigilant.

That's why I am urging you to take a leadership role in demanding this common-sense approach to safeguarding our citizens.

Please know that I will be closely monitoring your actions on this issue.

This is their response:

Dear Kenneth:

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5 hours 52 mins ago  •  4 comments  •  Full Discussion »
It Gets Worse - Obama's Ebola Czar is a Eugenicist!

This group within the progressive ranks believe that the human race is like a cancer on Gaia “mother earth” that has to be controlled through population reduction. Some of these moonbats are even calling for the eradication of humans altogether.

If Obama’s Ebola Czar is not a full-blown flag waving eugenics freak, he certainly is sympathetic to their concerns. When asked about the top leadership issue facing the world today, his answer: “World Overpopulation!”

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9 hours 51 mins ago  •  3 comments  •  Full Discussion »
 on Defender's of Faith & Free ...
Multiculturalism: Good or Bad for America?

In 2008, during Obama's first national campaign, Barack Obama is on record saying that America is not a Christian Nation.

"Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation - at least not just," Obama said. "We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation and a Buddhist nation and a Hindu nation and a nation of non-believers."

He then continues by saying,

"I think it's time we joined a debate about how to reconcile faith with our modern pluralistic society."

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The Blood on Obama’s Hands

When conservatives consider the casualties of Obama’s national security policies, their attention is drawn quite naturally to Benghazi. In this shameful episode, the Obama Administration sacrificed an ambassador and three American heroes to protect a deceptive presidential campaign message in which Obama claimed that the war against al-Qaeda was over and won (“Osama bin Laden is dead, and al-Qaeda is on the run”).

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A local businessman, who is a friend of mine, discovered the meaning of this quote ... following God works!

Lately, I've been having a pretty rough time with my business. So many companies have tightened their budgets because of the economy, and that means my sales (and income) are way down as a result. This has led to many restless nights, getting up at 4am, and having a knot in my stomach most of the day.

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