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VIDEO: Dearborn Police Complied With Shariah Law, ARRESTED Christians for Street Preaching

This really ruffled my feathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

We have all heard about the “no-go” zones in France after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks by extremist Muslims.

The French government is suing Fox News for doing their job and exposing these “no-go” areas of Paris, and it seems the whole town of Birmingham in the United Kingdom is reported to be one as well.

Of course that couldn’t happen in America… or could it?

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Chris Wallace expresses "shock" over the prime minister's decision to come to Washington over Obama's head.

Who gives a rats behind what Wallace thinks!


Fox News, a usually staunch supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, changed its tone on Friday when anchor Chris Wallace and host Shepard Smith expressed harsh criticism of the prime minister's decision to speak before the US Congress in March, without the prior arrangement of the White House and just a couple of weeks before the Israeli election.

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The Great Harlot – Who Is She

There are two books in the Bible that specifically have been attacked by the enemy throughout the centuries. The first one is Genesis and the second one is the book of Revelation. These books give us the primary understanding of two very fundamental things: how everything began, and how everything will end. Without this knowledge we will be very vulnerable to Satan’s deceptions, and will miss God’s purpose and destiny for our lives.

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 on Everyone's Plan B
People are starting to get it.

People are starting to get it. It is a slow start but it is a start. The founders would be proud and maybe this will help to reinstate the bible back into schools.
1; to place again (as in possession or in a former position)
2 : to restore to a previous effective state

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Mark Levin OBLITERATES Valerie Jarrett interview

You’ll definitely love this. Mark Levin walks through Valerie Jarrett’s interview this morning on CNN and simply obliterates the arguments made by Jarrett. It’s fantastic.


Read more: http://therightscoop.com/mark-levin-obli...

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