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Obama's Cuba Deal Splits Congress

President Barack Obama’s deal with Cuba, which he will announce at noon, drew praise and sharp criticism on Capitol Hill as the details started to leak out.

Lawmakers cheered the news that Alan Gross had been released from Cuban custody, as the American aid worker headed home, but the deal prompted sharp complaints.

Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., the outgoing chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, torched the deal.

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Obama has consistently acted outside of his authority

U.S. policy toward Cuba was put in place by Congress. Obama has no authority to change any of these policies! Neither does Obama have authority to do prisoner "swaps!" Art. I, Section 8: "Congress shall have power to make rules concerning captures." Also, Obama does not have any authority whatsoever to make "deals," "agreements," "bargains," and so on with other nations as these are nothing less that "treaties," whether Obama wishes to acknowledge this or not!

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Hey, Look: Obama Tops The Washington Post’s Biggest Lies List of 2014


One of the biggest liars of the year is President Barack Hussein Obama, according to…The Washington Post? Yeah, that happened.

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