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    Repeal the ObamaCare individual mandate

    Stop the NSA's warrantless spying on Americans

    Refuse to reauthorize the Import-Export Bank

    Stop the ObamaCare bailouts of insurance companies


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What Happened on This High School Football Field Has Atheist Activists Up in Arms

An Alabama school district has landed itself in atheists activists’ crosshairs after a high school football coach allowed players to be baptized on the field following a practice session earlier this month.

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She Begs Mercy for Her Father Not To Stone Her for Adultery. Their Exchange is Heartbreaking.

In a heartbreaking video released by ISIS, a Syrian woman is accused of committing adultery. Within the brutal judicial system of the Islamic State, adultery is a crime punishable by stoning-to-death.

The woman in the video asks her father for forgiveness multiple times. However, her pleas fall on deaf ears as her father says, “I’m not your father anymore” and…”I’m sorry but my heart won’t let me.”

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 on Defender's of Faith & Free ...
Homosexual Movement Is Deadly To Our Natural Rights

At this point, only the most deceived or grossly uninformed among us do not realize that a devilish enemy regime has taken over our nation. Under Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), we have seen unprecedented lawlessness from the executive branch of the federal government. The laundry list of Obama and company's malfeasance and arguably impeachable offenses continues to grow.

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'Obama’s policies open door for massive voter fraud in North Carolina!'

Are YOU tired of feeling helpless? Do YOU want some action to take? Then THIS is definitely for YOU.

BREAKING: Illegal Immigrant Voters Discovered in Key State… Could Swing Next Election

”North Carolina State Board of Elections officials have discovered at least 145 ineligible voters on their voter rolls after a sample cross-check with the state’s DMV looking for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) licenses.

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