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I just had to post this comment

I just received a notice from WND where they cite a newspaper article quoting a terrorist who is behind the rocket attacks on Israel.

When the terrorist was asked why they couldn't aim their rockets better, the terrorist said, "Their God is re-directing our rockets".

Praise God. He said He would protect Israel. God doesn't lie. Those terrorists actually acknowledge "Their God". You'd think they would actually turn to this powerful God. I hope they do!

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When You See This Happen, You Know It's Game Over For The Dollar

Not sure if we're digging ourselves out of this one. I think it's too late and Obastard has put the nail in the coffin just as has been planned and yet, many stupid Americans refuse to WAKE UP


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 on 100 Million Patriots Standing
Using Obamacare To Defraud Taxpayers Is Easy And Fun


Associated Press reports:

Congressional investigators using fake identities were able to obtain taxpayer-subsidized health insurance under President Barack Obama's law, according to testimony to be delivered Wednesday.

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 on Everyone's Plan B
hope is alive

We should get behind this man

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Businessman David Perdue Scores Big Upset Victory In Georgia Republican Senate Primary Runoff
Business Insider
By Julia Cannon 8 hours ago

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David Perdue


David Perdue

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House moves to halt illegal immigration by deploying U.S. forces to Central America

?????? Sending troops south of the border to stop illegals???? Um....Why not just stay on US Soil and enforce the law from own country?

I'm sure the cartels won't take down any of our guys right?

Again, putting Americans in harms way for people that aren't even citizens. So assbackwards

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