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I just had to post this comment

I just received a notice from WND where they cite a newspaper article quoting a terrorist who is behind the rocket attacks on Israel.

When the terrorist was asked why they couldn't aim their rockets better, the terrorist said, "Their God is re-directing our rockets".

Praise God. He said He would protect Israel. God doesn't lie. Those terrorists actually acknowledge "Their God". You'd think they would actually turn to this powerful God. I hope they do!

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 on Everyone's Plan B
What works verse what does not work

People sometimes accuse libertarians of being impractical. That befuddles me because libertarianism is the only practical philosophy there is. Why is that? Because libertarianism works. The only philosophies don’t.

Consider immigration. People say: “You libertarians are so impractical with your call for open borders.”

Yet, what could be more practical than a policy that brings about peace, prosperity, and harmony?

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Who Benefits the Most From the Illegal Immigration of Guatemalan’s?

Who Benefits the Most From the Illegal Immigration of Guatemalan’s?

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UN to Investigate Alleged Israeli War Crimes

Israel FM spokesperson slams statement by UN rights chief Navi Pillay as 'populist, embarassing'

The United Nations Human Rights Council will launch an inquiry via an international committee into alleged war crimes committed by Israel in the most recent round of Gaza fighting, it was decided today after a vote held in the council. 22 member states voted in favor of the inquiry.

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 on Everyone's Plan B
US Official Warns ISIS is 'Worse Than al Qaeda,' Now a 'Full Blown Army'

LMAO, It amazes me, they act like this big Terrorist group is a humungous threat, when in fact CIA created them.

Great Job CIA, Congrats on your new Terrorist Army you have created.

VIDEO at link

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