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    Stop the ObamaCare bailouts of insurance companies


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Netanyahu's ISIS Moral Clarity

Confronted with pure evil in the form of ISIS, President Barack Obama treats the jihadists as if they represented an isolated threat that can be dealt with on its own. ISIS (or ISIL as the U.S. government calls it, or the Islamic State as the jihadists now call themselves) has no relationship to Islam, according to the president and his Secretary of State John Kerry.

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Natural versus Artificial

I think that we are, now, so unfamiliar with what a thriving economy is like that we don't even realize that such an economy would be demanding workers, not sending them away. We are rapidly loosing sight of what a healthy economy looks like. So much so, that our reliance is strictly on artificial solutions instead of natural ones.

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On September 10th, four known Muslim terrorists were apprehended at the US border in Texas

Yet the Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary claims not to know anything about it. What I want to know is how many Muslim terrorists crossed the border who weren’t apprehended? Tens? Hundreds? Thousands?

I guess we’ll know when we see the first beheading of an American citizen on U.S. soil. Coming soon. Count on it.

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