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11/20/14 - Series postponed due to sudden death of Lisa's father

My mother was released from the hospital and is staying with me. She had two falls and could not get up without help from several strong men. Pray for her strength to return. Thank you!


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'Allen West to GOP: Put On 'Big Boy Pants' and Fight Obama'

Don't you wish Allen West was still in Congress?

Republicans must get tough and seize the nation's purse strings to successfully fight President Barack Obama's expected use of executive power to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, former Rep. Allen West says.

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First American Dictator

Wild Bill for America has ut exactly right!


7 hours 29 mins ago  •  1 comment  •  Full Discussion »
'The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants and Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer'

And in the words of Joe Wilson "YOU LIE!"

This is a very lengthy and thorough report, containing many charts and graphs. My advice is to get a cup of coffee and a bottle of Excedrin before you begin. There is a lot to absorb and as you become more aware of where your taxes are actually going, you;ll probably going to feel nauseous and get a terrible headache to accompany the overwhelming outrage you'll feel!

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'GOP Governors Gear Up To Sue Obama Should He Pass Executive Immigrant Action'

I hope they do! Contact your Governors and these Governors and show your support!

Should President Barack Obama go through with his plans to use executive action to unilaterally grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, he may be met with a slew of lawsuits from several Republican governors, who said Wednesday that such judicial action will be likely, The Huffington Post reported.

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