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 on Our Constitutional Republi ...
Shouldn't we do better?

This article is somewhat sensationalized, but the numbers do have something to say.


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Hindus Want Christians, Muslims to Convert or Get Out of India

We don't have enough of radicalism?

It’s starting to look like any dream the the United Nations and American Idealists have about global freedom of religion is more likely to turn into a global religious war, than their dream come true

“Just as those who stay in England are English, those who stay in Germany are German, and those in US are Americans, all those who stay in Hindustan are Hindus,” Bhagwat said in August

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10 hours 54 mins ago (Edited)  •  2 comments  •  Full Discussion »
ISIL America's fight; administration 'delusional''

Sen. Lindsey Graham offered a scathing assessment on Sunday of the way the Obama administration has handled the Islamic State of Iraq an the Levant ascendant in the Middle East.

In an interview on "Fox News Sunday," he said the administration’s approach to destroying the ISIL, with a focus on airstrikes and opposition to American ground troops in the Middle East, is “delusional.”

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22 hours 57 mins ago  •  3 comments  •  Full Discussion »
'The Pledge of Allegiance: Too Political???'

CBS Sports banned this ad because they said it was 'too political'! What do you think??


3 hours 43 mins ago  •  1 comment  •  Full Discussion »
Phil Robertson: My generation 'really screwed things up'

He's back! Outspoken "Duck Dynasty" family patriarch Phil Robertson has a new book out, "unPHILtered: The Way I See It." The new release is just like Phil: blunt, opinionated and funny. The reality star, who is gearing up for duck season, spoke to FOX411 about his latest tome.

FOX411: You’re not a fan of political correctness.

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