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Jesus Has You Covered

Leviticus 1:4
Then he shall put his hand on the head of the burnt offering, and it will be accepted on his behalf to make atonement for him.

Imagine the perfection of Jesus covering you from head to toe in the sight of God every moment of the day. Does that sound like a dream? My friend, that is your reality today because Jesus became your burnt offering at the cross.

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Ex-U.S. lawmaker Hastert aimed to hide sexual misconduct with male -L.A. Times

WASHINGTON, May 29 (Reuters) - Former U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Dennis Hastert, indicted on Thursday on federal criminal charges, was paying a male from his past to try to conceal sexual misconduct, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday, citing two unnamed federal law enforcement officials.

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Pilots BLAST Obama Combat Rules They say are Crippling the War Effort

Frustrated American pilots and retired generals are striking out at the Obama Pentagon’s restrictive rules of engagement and White House micromanagement they say are crippling the war against Islamic State terrorists before it even gets off the ground.

“There were times I had groups of ISIS fighters in my sights, but couldn’t get clearance to engage,” one F-18 Navy pilot told Fox News.

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 on 1 House of Prayer - LAUS DEO
RENEW YOUR MIND! (Rom 12:2).

In the new birth or spiritual regeneration, we receive a renewed spirit and motivation to serve Yah. But as we follow Ha'Adonai (the Lord), He leads us to new places that require new thinking. (I have previously recommended the book, Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf.) New thinking not only affects us physically but it prepares us for whatever is ahead. We learn to respond to life instead of reacting to it. New thinking prepares us for the sudden unexpected events.

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Idaho laws restricting abortions are unconstitutional-appeals court

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - An Idaho law that prohibits abortions of fetuses 20 or more weeks after fertilization is unconstitutional, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Friday.

The ruling, from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, also struck down an Idaho law that required all second-trimester abortions to occur in a hospital.

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