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Alabama Supreme Court Opinion Rules that “Child” Includes “Unborn Child”

Montgomery, AL – Today, in an 8-1 decision authored by Justice Tom Parker, the Alabama Supreme Court held that the word “child” in Alabama’s chemical-endangerment statute applies to the born and unborn in Ex parte Sarah Janie Hicks. This decision follows a similar one handed down last year by the Alabama Supreme Court in Ankrom v.

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 on 100 Million Patriots Standing
Was it just a ‘Dumb Decision’ or was it a Pro-Obamacare 'Conspiracy' at Census Bureau?

Some critics of Obamacare are up in arms about the Census Bureau’s intent to change questions it asks millions of Americans about health insurance. Others just think census officials have lousy timing.

The New York Times first reported on internal documents showing the agency’s changes to questions also will change the way Census Bureau officials calculate the number of uninsured Americans.

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Parents Are Furious Over This 4th Grade Assignment

Parents in El Paso, Texas, want answers after fourth-grade students at Pasodale Elementary School were reportedly given an adult-themed assignment on topics like infidelity and a mother losing her son to war. See examples of the "inappropriate reading assignment" HERE.

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 on 100 Million Patriots Standing
Reefer Madness: Only 3 Percent of Pot Stories Mention Health Risks

As stoners prepare for their annual 420 smoking “holiday” on April 20, the broadcast networks have done little to educate users on the risks of their leafy drug of choice in spite of extensive reporting on state legalization of pot.

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‘Ridiculous’: Administration punts on Keystone, Obama faces Dem revolt

Oh, surprise, surprise! True to form, Obama thinks b using unlimited delay tactics, everything will just go away!

The Obama administration once again has punted on a final decision for the Keystone XL pipeline, announcing ahead of the holiday weekend it is extending a key review period indefinitely -- a move that could push off a determination until after the midterm elections.

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