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Socialists Fear All Liberties - Frédéric Bastiat

Socialists Fear All Liberties - Frédéric Bastiat

Well, what liberty should the legislators permit people to have? Liberty of conscience? (But if this were permitted, we would see the people taking this opportunity to become atheists.)

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"Texas Supreme Court sides with Houston pastors in ordinance fight"

YAY!! This is a BIG Deal!!

The Texas Supreme Court today ordered the City of Houston to either repeal a controversial non-discrimination policy or put it to a citywide vote this November. Houston-area pastors celebrated the ruling as a victory in their battle with the city council and Mayor Annise Parker over the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which would make sexual orientation and gender identity protected classes.

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'Education Bill: Parents Cannot Opt Kids Out of Federally Mandated Tests'

The hand of the federal government is getting heavier and heavier with every vote they take...

The U.S. Senate voted July 14 to deny parents the right to opt-out of standardized tests administered as part of the federal government’s education mandates.

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'Krauthammer: It Will Snow in Hell Before DOJ Launches Criminal Investigation into Hillary'

And that is the problem that the people have with DC...

On Fox News today, Bret Baier brought the subject to Hillary Clinton‘s emails, which got renewed media focus following a report that the Department of Justice received requests to open a criminal investigation into the scandal. The DOJ later backtracked by saying that the referral they received was not actually criminal in nature.

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