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    Stop the ObamaCare bailouts of insurance companies


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Be firm, be bold, be strong be true ...
And dare to stand alone;
Strive, strive for the right, whate'er you do.
Tho' helper there be none,
Tho' helper there be none.

Stand for the right, and hold your ground,
Tho' proud lips coldly sneer;
A poisoned arrow cannot wound;
A conscience pure and clear,
A conscience pure and clear.

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Islamic State Atrocities the Product of ‘Grievances’?

By: Raymond Ibrahim

While many have rightfully criticized U.S. President Obama’s recent assertion that the Islamic State “is not Islamic,” some of his other equally curious but more subtle comments pronounced in the same speech have been largely ignored.

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15 hours 35 mins ago  •  3 comments  •  Full Discussion »
 on Defender's of Faith & Free ...
CNN Covers Persecution of Christians in China

We should praise CNN for a recent bit of reporting that they did covering the intense and pervasive persecution faced by Christians in China. Recently, on Out Front with Erin Burnett the exposed the evil attacks on Christians – including violent beatings from Chinese police – carried out by the Chinese government.

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What is your opinion about disciplining children

Lately the NFL is trying to tell Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings how to discipline his children, Well this what I think the Bible says about disciplining children...

The Bible provides two important principles for parents concerning the discipline of their children. First, parents are responsible for the discipline of their children. Second, Scripture offers some information regarding certain ways to discipline that can help.

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