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 on 1 House of Prayer - LAUS DEO
American Bible Society for 4/18/15' Featuring "Followers are warned about false teachers."

April 18, 2015

2 Peter 2:1-22 (Good News Translation)

God’s Hopeful Word


2 Peter 2:1-22: Christians are warned to be on guard against false teachers, against whom harsh words are directed. Today’s reading includes examples from the past of how evil was punished and how God saved those who were faithful.

Today’s Scripture: 2 Peter 2:9

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 on 1 House of Prayer - LAUS DEO
4/18/15 All this can be "Good News"

All of this can be "Good News"
And in fact it should be good news. We are witnessing 'fulfillment' of so much.
We see the Church under assault, yet we were warned this would happen.
We also should see, we also bear some of the responsibility?
Can we hear what the Spirit is saying to the church?
Rev. 3:22
He who has an ear, let him hear what the Ruach says to the assemblies.

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11 hours 11 mins ago  •  2 comments  •  Full Discussion »
 on Defender's of Faith & Free ...
Fox Business Network’s Charles Payne: Obama Will Push for Slavery Reparations in 2016

During a segment on his Fox Business Network show Making Money, host Charles Payne said that he thinks Obama is making ready for a big push to pay billions in slavery reparations in 2016.

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 on Everyone's Plan B
Frédéric Bastiat - Life Is a Gift from God - from The Law

Life Is a Gift from God
We hold from God the gift which includes all others. This gift is life — physical, intellectual, and moral life.

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