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    Stop the ObamaCare bailouts of insurance companies


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Obama Blames America For Rise Of ISIS

I was wondering how long it would take Obama to blame Bush for ISIS.

Monday at the American Legion’s 96th National Convention, President Barack Obama said the answer for ISIS’s “evolving terrorist threat” is not for America to “occupy” countries and end up “feeding extremism.” [...]

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It Begins: "Central Banks Should Hand Consumers Cash Directly"

... A broad-based tax cut, for example, accommodated by a program of open-market purchases to alleviate any tendency for interest rates to increase, would almost certainly be an effective stimulant to consumption and hence to prices.

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What Would Reagan Do?

August 27, 2014
Newt Gingrich

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Obama Is Pursuing A 'Sweeping' International Climate Agreement — And He's Doing It Without Congress

Obama Is Pursuing A 'Sweeping' International Climate Agreement — And He's Doing It Without Congress

President Barack Obama at the American Legion National Convention on Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In a move certain to draw the ire of congressional Republicans, President Barack Obama is working to secure an international agreement on climate change that would compel countries to slash their carbon emissions.

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