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February 5, 2013

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Obama ‘Kill List’ Paper Leaked, Includes Criteria For Assassinating US Citizens

February 5, 2013 at 12:24 pm

A leaked secret Justice Department “white paper” detailing the Obama administration’s legal justification for the targeted drone assassinations of Americans living abroad made its way onto the Internet late Monday evening.

The 16-page white paper — said to be a summary of a longer 50-page document on the highly controversial policy — is seeing the light of day ahead of the Senate confirmation hearing of John Brennan, President Barack Obama’s top pick for CIA chief.

The longer document was written in 2010 to justify the addition of al-Qaida member Anwar al-Aulaqi, a U.S. citizen, to Obama’s secretive “kill list.”

The white paper suggests that the federal government has legal recourse to engage in the extrajudicial assassination of an American citizen, reported NBC News, if “an informed, high-level official” has determined that the American is a “continuing” threat to the country.

The individual would be determined a “continuing” threat if he were “”recently” involved in “activities” posing a threat of a violent attack, and “there is no evidence suggesting that he has renounced or abandoned such activities,” according to the news outlet, which obtained and published the paper.

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2 years 9 months ago

PolitiChicks deserves credit for alerting me for sharing with you.

2 years 9 months ago

As I have said before, the pieces are coming together...and now at a very fast pace. May God help us all.

2 years 9 months ago

You got that right, Cynthia. You got that right!

2 years 9 months ago

Great find, Michael...into the light for the people to see!

2 years 9 months ago (Edited)

Thanks, Conservative Nana. Now let's get it out there.

2 years 9 months ago
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