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54 secs ago by Sue R

If true, this lady has a gift. Personally what she states makes total sense. Let me know your thoughts?

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Shame on us for excusing the greed and violent aggressions in our name by exploiting the bible and God.
End the Fed. Get us out of the UN.

19 mins 55 secs ago

Sue it is not just America, we are at fault in many ways, but evil is in all'
Look at the Bric nations.

12 mins 17 secs ago

You sound like the kid in the classroom when the teacher calls him out for talking and he points to the other kid and says, "He was talking too, why aren't you yelling at him?" Lon.
So what's your point? We can be bad because others are?

54 secs ago (Edited)
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7 mins ago by Lon Haney

LMAO, It amazes me, they act like this big Terrorist group is a humungous threat, when in fact CIA created them.

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I guess we can't say our government doesn't do anything well. They sure do grow violence around the world with alarming talent.

18 mins 25 secs ago

'Central' intelligence, Wake up world We are all being used.

7 mins 9 secs ago
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They expect us to believe them, Lying punks?

We should all email this to the Administration and their fellow DEMONcRATS


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25 mins ago by Lon Haney
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The house of Israel has stumbled?? How is that Lon?

1 hour 4 mins ago

The House of Israel and the UN made political state are one and the same? I don't think so. The partitioning is the same thing as if a couple of our states were lopped of at their contiguous corners and told the land was now under the control of a foreign force.
From this kind of political force we expect to render good results?

So which states in the US would you like to see partitioned by a global decree and turned over to a favored foreign nation?

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32 mins 7 secs ago (Edited)

The House of Israel that is more inline with God is Spiritual.
The Physical 'target' named Israel is as Sue has stated.

JZ. Have you read the Harbinger or watched any u tube Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn ?

25 mins 3 secs ago
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45 mins ago by Sue R

Court Rules That Subsidies in Obamacare's Federal Exchange are Illegal, Dealing Huge Legal Blow to Health Law
Peter Suderman

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The supremes.
Thats funny!

9 hours 50 mins ago

Wonder if they sing too? :)

9 hours 45 mins ago

Thanks you two. I chilled a little and listened to some Supreme music. So much more pleasant than the song our government has been singing :)
It is the point that will be brought before SCOTUS that bothers me. I guess they have the authority to rule on the wording of a law established by Congress. They do not have the obligation, or even the authority, to look at anything but the question put before them.

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45 mins 2 secs ago (Edited)
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1 hour ago by Sue R

Liberty or Laws?
Immigration or Invasion
Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
July 23, 2014

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We can do something about it -- when we realize that the country belongs to us, not the government.

14 hours 47 mins ago

I propose that since the immigrants of South America are entitled to come into our country then all immigrants should be afforded the same entitlement.
Why are the Hispanic children so special? Lets bring all of the children in Africa over here for starters . Hell these kids are facing genocide for real.

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11 hours 34 mins ago

The kids are Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. They are among the most dangerous places to live because of our war on drugs. This is not to defend their illegal entry this is to say that we are not addressing the disease, only the symptoms.

1 hour 8 mins ago
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3 hours ago by Lon Haney

Globalism has already taken effect.
Constitutional Gov is gone, it is in the past.
Obama and world leaders, past and present, have effected 'world change' Not just the U.S.

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Islamic world order and jurisprudence is what we are seeing. The middle east propaganda to drive forces into the lions den. No matter the sensitivity of material the agenda is of a evil connotation. What needs to be done in America, remove Islamic law breakers who wish to exercise Sharia Law! Deport them at all cost!

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3 days 21 hours ago

Keep in mind according to biblical prophecy, the reduction of nations must come to 10. So there will be a lot of wars to make this happen. This will not be over night but over decades of fighting. Ultimate world power and order must be the end result. We might delay some actions but will it change the progression of the goal?

3 days 21 hours ago

James this is part 3 of a series that Steve has posted.

Discussing: 7 continents 10 regions. 7 heads & 10 horns.

3 hours 57 mins ago
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12 hours ago by Steve M
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RFM: Background check goes for both Hand guns and long guns. Yes, agreed originally it was supposed to only be good for 24hrs and then destroyed, but i'm not buying that today. Once that goes into the system they have all the info they need. Bring up the serial number and your info is all attached to it. I think it's wrong. I also think it's wrong to license a right.

15 hours 32 mins ago

I love how the poster of the video.puts it in caps that carson says (NO RIGHTS). Yes the question was should people have the right to own a semi auto weapon, BUT, that was not his answer. He states right of the bat he is pro 2nd amendment. He said he doesn't think they are necessary in a large city. I will argue that that is beside the point. If I want one, I say its my right no matter where I live.

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13 hours 12 mins ago

From what I know about Carson, I have no issues with him running. Walker is a possibility, but I doubt he would run. Gowdy I think would be good. He's been doing alot of good.

No, Romney had his chance twice now and failed both times. We don't need modertes & Rinos running. I wouldn't mind Romney but I don't know if he would stick by his values to just go with the flow / wind when the time comes and I think that might be what would happen.

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12 hours 31 mins ago
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13 hours ago by Steve M
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I suspected this for a while now. Truth always sees it's way through the B.S.

How many lives have been lost prematurely due to this F**Ken Gov? What a disgrace

13 hours 59 mins ago
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17 hours ago by Resident Free Marketeer

Libertarians sue New Hampshire over alleged suppression of third parties

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A third party is the way to go....I am sure many are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils or just giving up on voting all together!

17 hours 40 mins ago

So they are going to a judge appointed by politician who would not have gotten elected if not for the 2 party system..

17 hours 32 mins ago
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