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7 hours ago by Tom Sample

I like John R. Kasich!

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when a nation is a communist, socialist, colonialist, whoever is in charge is there for life, that's what I mean, and this nation is going toward communist, socialist, government

13 hours 45 mins ago

It was a show, not an election. lol

13 hours 40 mins ago

What do We Do? We talk of the problems surrounding our Constitution and the way Government is operating. Should we not be discussing solutions, also?

7 hours 19 mins ago
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7 hours ago by Sue R

We MUST return the bible to our schools or continue to fail. The liberal mindset only offers opinions....these are facts!


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While our country remains untainted with the principles and manners which are now producing desolation in so many parts of the world; while she continues sincere, and incapable of insidious and impious policy, we shall have the strongest reason to rejoice in the local destination assigned us by Providence.

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8 hours 28 secs ago

rioting in rapine

What about those torture reports?

7 hours 58 mins ago

Insidious? Growing democracies?
Avarice? In our national interests?

7 hours 56 mins ago
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11 hours ago by Sue R

I have found it really odd and troublesome that these fundamental issues of FC are not discussed, our Constitution is pretty much, if not completely ignored by most people here.

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"If Congress can employ money indefinitely to the general welfare, and are the sole and supreme judges of the general welfare, they may take the care of religion into their own hands; they may appoint teachers in every State, county and parish and pay them out of their public treasury; they may take into their own hands the education of children, establishing in like manner schools throughout the Union; they may assume the provision of the poor; they may undertake the regulation of all roads

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11 hours 30 mins ago

I think I'm doing just fine when I think that the opinions of other people are really stupid but they have every right to them up to the point of it picking my pocket or breaking my leg.

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11 hours 23 mins ago

I just saw your last post John and I think that's exactly the point from Madison. The enumerated powers are not expanded by any terms in the Constitution. Power is enumerated and the execution of the limited authority is merely described elsewhere in the Constitution.

11 hours 21 mins ago
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11 hours ago by John W

I can hardly wait to hear Obama on this one...


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Police are human lives too. Why are we obligating them with the burden of such authoritarianism?

12 hours 1 min ago

Why did they have to choke him to start with? When I was a bouncer or as concert security very rarely did I need to use force, talking to someone can work wonders. When I stared doing production I told security I wanted more talk and less physical unless they initiated it or "absolutely" refused to listen and then the least amount of force necessary.

11 hours 43 mins ago

Lon good point with "Officers that speak up are shunned by the club. What gives me hope is the ones who do speak up." but when the public rallies behind the lies we make it harder for them to speak up.

11 hours 40 mins ago
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11 hours ago by hap317

Are we foolish enough to want higher gas prices after reading this from USA Today?

USAToday: The Economy Needs High Oil Prices
by Ryan McMaken

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Ohh, gotcha. Just made a poor assumption you were firing back as I was the last to respond. I wish we had fewer regulations, taxes and burdensome job-creating opportunities, both in America and this tax-obsessed state! A group of like-minded, liberty loving people can continue to make those changes if we keep trying!!!

5 days 10 hours ago

after January gas price will go up to $5 a gallon, because they want to add taxes in the gasoline

13 hours 23 mins ago

"after January" is rather open-ended, like a Peter Schiff "Gold is going to $5000" prediction. Do you mean in January of 2015? And does that mean by February 1, 2015 if gasoline has not reached $5 I can suggest your call was a bit off in timing, then?

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11 hours 58 mins ago
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13 hours ago by Lon Haney

Is Justice about Truth?
Or as a talk radio host asked.
Is justice simply to be a peaceful resolution to disputes. After some thought I ask?
Do we respect justice?

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Maybe that's the backwards approach to the Golden Rule? Maybe it is in the early years that the principle is distorted? When and how is it that we become convinced that we must do unto others before they do unto us?
Is this not the human perception of truth and justice? Can bible reading really foster principles when the rest of the environment promotes truth and justice in an entirely different light?

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13 hours 17 mins ago

Good morning you two. Capital letters are loud. Sheeesh! lol.

13 hours 14 mins ago

I think we see the effects of lies and injustice warping truth and justice.
Eyes and cameras everywhere yet justice, if it is merely a peaceful means to a resolution has been lost.
More cameras eyes and opinions than ever = Chaos?
Equality = you all loose.

13 hours 6 mins ago
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1 day ago by Bob Schmokel

Social Engineering, Our Lives and Politics

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But john my sides social engineering is really good for everyone


1 day 8 hours ago

I would defer to trickery to influence individuals outside their awareness. Using propaganda techniques to mold public opinion to induce behavior.

Walter Lippman, famous propagandist and nephew of Sigmund Freud was the first to openly call for its use to mold the public because people were too stupid or prejudiced to reason with.

Then we have the Cass Sunsteens (choice engineers) of today. Thank you Barack Obama.

1 day 3 hours ago
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Voters are incentivized not to be rational

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1 day ago by John W

Why Christians Make Great Libertarians (part 1)

Big Government a Danger to All Men
Part 1 of 3
By Ian Huyett

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Joe I did read parts 2 and 3.
As a Christian you either are a follower of Christ or a follower of the world. If you want to be both, you are a hypocrite. I understand the need for you attack me personally when I make clear statements that expose positions you take as being anti-Christ-ian.

5 days 12 hours ago

I find it funny that joe is attacking John for being an Anarchist while at the same time having no clue what an Anarchist is....
I love this site sometimes. It always provides me a with good laugh.

5 days 11 hours ago (Edited)


1 day 14 hours ago
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2 days ago by Steve M

Really? Seriously?? Get over yourselves, Just suck it up and get the F*ck over it already.

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I don't understand why it is so hard for We The People to see. We have given ourselves over to a group of Ivy Leaguers who have microphones in their hands and are able to speak through them with authority, yet, they have zero KNOWLEDGE about anything they are talking about. If We just take a moment, and think, it will not be hard for us to see that none of what they speak of has any substance, but that they just speak it well.

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4 days 14 hours ago

1. are you going to Harvard?
2. Why do you care what Harvard does to their property?
3. Do you think it would be better to purchase non Israeli made soda machines?

2 days 13 hours ago

1. are you going to Harvard? = Nope
2. Why do you care what Harvard does to their property? = Soda machines are not Harvards machines, they are vendor machines and telling the vendors or possibly taking the labels off on their own.
3. Do you think it would be better to purchase non Israeli made soda machines? Doesn't matter where the soda is made, I would say the same if the machines were made in China, Iraq or Mars.

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2 days 6 hours ago
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