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November 26, 2012

Your liberties are once again hanging by a thread. As little as five votes, in fact.

Next week, the lame-duck U.S. Senate will take up the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

And the statists will do virtually anything to keep the power to lock up American citizens at will and throw them in prison forever without so much as a trial - effectively GUTTING the Sixth Amendment in the process.

The good news is Senator Rand Paul is offering an amendment to prevent the indefinite detention of American citizens and reaffirm the Sixth Amendment.

Last time he tried a similar effort, it only failed by five votes, and you and I had very little time to mobilize against this outrageous assault on our liberties.

That’s why I’m hopeful with your IMMEDIATE action today, we can DEFEAT the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA.

So won’t you please agree to call your senators IMMEDIATELY?

Tell them to REJECT the indefinite detention of American citizens and vote against any defense authorization bill that includes such an abuse of power.

Demand they support Senator Rand Paul’s amendment upholding our rights.

Of course, time is running out, so your action today is absolutely critical.

You can find your senators’ contact information here.

This outrageous assault on our remaining liberties isn’t something out of Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba.This is something statists in our federal government are doing!

What freedoms won’t they take from us?

What constitutional liberties will they not crush as the statists’ national security state continually expands to fit a bunch of bureaucrats’ idea of “safety”?

You and I can’t let this happen. You and I MUST fight back.

So please call your U.S. senators IMMEDIATELY.

In Liberty,

John Tate


2 years 10 months ago

Those "baby step" advocates should be jumping at this one. I'm not pleased with just a watering down, I think the whole darn thing is in need of repeal, but here's a compromise situation for us to unite behind right?

2 years 10 months ago

this is the fight of the year, This is more important than Obama v Romney.

2 years 10 months ago

Good point Sue. Wonder if we'll see that happen? These topics tend to fade away with few replies :/

I even posted it on the news page,

Yep JSN, limited gvt, individual rights, Constitution, police state ... so many issues at stake here! Not to mention seeing just who is really standing up for OUR rights.

2 years 10 months ago

Thanks for the link Ramona. It was on my list for later to find a link that I could post on my Facebook for those family members who voted for Obama, but would've voted for Ron Paul. I am hoping to make issue oriented activists out of them at least. I like the link because it is from the non-partisan Campaign for Liberty and because it has the contact info right there within.
Now all I have to do is copy and paste it later. A very sincere thank you for time saved!

2 years 10 months ago

I wasn't crazy about their contact link. But posted another discussion with all the senators who voted for NDAA, with contact info.

Here's a contact link for all senators:

Hey, issues was my path to the bigger picture :)

2 years 10 months ago

Here is a link to a Rand Paul petition to stop NDAA - please sign right now


2 years 10 months ago

This amendment is important, but it should not be considered a solution. If Republicans can't get on board with this rather insignificant amendment it's time to wake up and recognize the serious problem within the party.
I am going to sign and send as much support for the amendment as I can because it is an amendment of good direction, but my opposition to the NDAA, the Patriot Act and Homeland Security will not be cured by this amendment alone.

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2 years 10 months ago

Perhaps at least a wake up call for some who haven't quite understood what was meant about the 2 parties having the same agenda. A good step in that direction.

I do see a couple other threads on it, so that's good. If they realize the Ds and Rs who vote for this, that will be a step in the right direction. Plus a pendulum swing for the Constitution and sovereignty.

I'm for those things :)

2 years 10 months ago
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