BENGHAZI 1 Million Twitter Bomb White House Press

Event Details

  • Friday November 16, 2012
    12:00 am EST
  • Chad Smith

    Kansas City, KS
  • Dear Patriots,

    The questions are not being asked about BENGHAZI! It is time for us to turn up the heat and tweet the White House Press until they start asking questions.

    White House Press Twitter handles

    Christi Parson ( Chicago Tribune - Los Angeles Times) @cparsons

    Mark Felsenthal (Reuters) @markfelsenthal

    Mark Landler ( NY Times) @MarkLandler

    Jake Tapper (ABC) @Jaketapper


    Chuck Todd (NBC) @ChuckTodd

    We need to challenge the press to ask the tough questions about BENGHAZI!

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Benghazi,woods stevens smith and glen doherty,lame stream media we boycott you,fox too.we boycott your ad sponsors,and we tell them.

2 years 1 day ago
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We should ask them to treat it as though they were asking a Republican! That would make them think. Maybe. Oh, I forgot, there is NO bias in the media! Geeze, you'd think I would remember that! My bad.

2 years 2 days ago
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