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TENNESSEE Republican Governor under attack for appointing Sharia Compliant Finance

TENNESSEE Republican Governor still under attack for appointing a Muslim aide who specialized in Sharia Compliant Finance, one of the many ways Islamic terrorism is funded
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Gov. Bill Haslam was asked by a Nashville Republican group whether he was incorporating elements of Islamic law into state government.

SF Gate  Such criticism emerged after the Haslam administration earlier this year hired Samar Ali to work in the Department of Economic and Community Development. Ali is a specialist in Shariah Finance who had been appointed as a White House fellow by Barack Obama.  A  June blog post at the Frank Gaffney-led Center for Security Policy said that, after Ali’s appointment, “it is reasonable to expect that the financial jihadists will soon be targeting the state for infiltration and influence operations.”  At the time she was appointed to the Obama White House, Ali raised some concerns nationwide due to her specialization in Shariah-Compliant Finance and her association with the World Islamic Economic Forum, an organization that has essentially designated Shariah Finance as “missionary operations” to promote Islam and Shariah. The lure of petrodollars is powerful indeed and someone in a powerful position on the inside of the halls of power in the state can only be viewed as an opportunity for those who seek to embed Shariah law into America’s financial system.


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