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Background on the Effects of Increasing Tax Rates On High-Income Earners

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Issue: Tax Reform

Veronique de Rugy writes on NRO: Recently I've been reading economists Leonard Burman and Joel Slemrod's Taxes in America. Like pretty much everything else these two write, this book is well worth reading. In particular, it hits all the important questions about taxes in a clear and neutral manner.

I highly recommend it whether you want to learn more about our tax system, its incidences, its cost, and more, or whether you want to learn how to explain complex tax issues in a simple and concise way. 

In the context of the current debate over the fiscal cliff, I was particularly interested in the chapter called “Taxes and the Economy.” Slemrod and Burman, for instance, ask questions such as “How do taxes affect the economy?”


Morale of the story is congress is staying busy argueing about what color band-aid to use on the sucking chest wound of an economy we have. This isn't that difficult dems/reps - cut spending across the board by 25% - just like us in the private sector had to do in 2009.

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3 years 1 month ago

Lee - are you suggesting that Social Security payments be cut 25%? Medicare? How abou interest payments on the Debt? Is that "across the board" feasible? How about some practical suggestions for our "representatives".

3 years 1 month ago
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