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INSIDER vs INSIDER: And Shepherds We Shall Be - For Thee Lord For Thee... - The Ulsterman Report

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WHI: Uh-huh…bet you’re happy to have me sit back down. Little know it all prick. -Inaudible- motherf-cker. You ain’t never even been to the big show. I’m so sick of Northeasters tellin’ MY people what WE know and don’t know. You ain’t no better than me son. And your time will come too…when you got blood on those soft little white hands of yours…just you wait. Things won’t seem so cut and dry then…just you wait. So I’m gonna go back on over here and sit on down.

…And you’re gonna talk.

(WHI turned his head to me as he walked back to his seat and WINKED. The bastard actually WINKED at me! I’m shaking my head and smiling as I write about it now. Big brass ones this…)


3 years 4 months ago
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