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Did president lie to America about Osama raid?

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A persistent critic of Barack Obama claims in a report that the president lied to the American public about the U.S. military raid in Pakistan in which Osama bin Laden was killed, basing her allegations on evidence released by the U.S. government itself.

The report by Pamela Barnett, who was a plaintiff in legal cases challenging Obama’s constitutional eligibility, first was published by the Western Center for Journalism, although both AP and Judicial Watch also have reported on the release of the emails.

Critically important is one of the redacted military emails regarding the bin Laden death that references plans for a burial, dated April 29, 2011.

Under a subject line of “burial,” Samuel Perez, commander of Carrier Strike Group One, said, “Do I need any special religious/ceremonial preparations?”

But it was on May 1, 2011, that Obama announced to the world that the mission “today” had killed bin Laden.

“Obama lied to every American and the rest of the world about the date of the alleged Osama bin Laden killing,”


wouldn't they make arrangements for the "disposal" ahead of time if they knew they were going in for a kill?

2 years 4 hours ago
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I do not now believe one word uttered by the resident of 1600 PA Avenue; and have not believed him since the time the Congressmen spoke out in the House and called him a liar. That was the absolute truth. If the resident mouth is open, he is lying. End of subject.

2 years 22 hours ago

Well, so was Bush II and Slick Willy, and Bush I... What's new? What's the point? Is there anything actionable that can be done about?

2 years 18 hours ago

This one lies like not many before. Prepare

2 years 7 hours ago

Perhaps, you just liked the lies of his predecessors. The WMD in Iraq lie was fairly significant. It was used to rationalize an unconstitutional war of aggression against a sovereign nation that was no threat to us and had done us no harm.

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2 years 6 hours ago (Edited)


2 years 5 hours ago
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He lies about everything! He would not know the truth if it slapped him in the face with its bottom or sole of a shoe!

2 years 20 hours ago (Edited)

Washington, his crocodile tears today for the children murdered was the icing on the cake for me. As said many times before, never let a crisis go to waste. He has lied from day one to us all.

2 years 15 hours ago
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2 years 18 hours ago
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