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An Unqualified Jack Lew Will Tax and Spend

Via » Submitted On Sat, 01/12/2013 - 2:38pm by Norman Wolfe

Larry Kudlow writes on NRO: The worst part of the Jack Lew nomination for treasury secretary is not simply that he has no qualifications, standing, or experience in the financial world or international sphere (think G20 and European debt crisis). 

Nor is it simply that he doesn’t have any seasoned currency opinions (under Obama, the greenback has dropped 10 percent while gold has doubled).

Yes, these are big disqualifiers. But the real problem is that Lew is a left-liberal Obama spear-carrier, whose very appointment signals a sharp confrontation with the Republican House over key issues such as the debt ceiling, the spending sequester, next year’s budgets, and taxes.


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