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Video: "Somebody Need To Pay For My 15 Kids!"

Via » Submitted On Sat, 01/12/2013 - 7:33pm by David Sincere

SHE'S RIGHT!!! Somebody needs to be held accountable - HER, the useless FATHERS/Sperm Donors, etc.!!1 More truth could NOT have come from her mouth! Since all the welfare agencies are paying for her living arrangements anyway, why don't they find her a house on a couple acres of land, a cow a few chickens a few good farming books...


Wh ... aaa .. t is wrong with this country?.

3 years 3 months ago

My grandparents had 17 children. One each year from 1923-1940. Ten of them born during the Great Depression. My Grandfather worked 4 odd jobs, gram cleaned the home of a Doctor.

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3 years 3 months ago (Edited)
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