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House Republicans Make Their Move

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Andrew Stiles writes on NRO: On the homepage, Bob Costa and I share our takeaways from this week's House Republican retreat in Williamsburg, Va., where lawmakers planned their strategy for the upcoming budget debates.

The GOP's first move will be to approve a three-month debt-limit extension, along with a measure to withhold pay for senators, should the upper chamber fail to pass a budget in that time. Republicans believe this will give them greater leverage in budget negotiations by taking the immediate threat of default off the table, and put pressure on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) to explain why he refuses to pass a budget, something the Senate hasn’t done in more than three years.


They don't deserve to be paid nor does the congress they can't cut spending, but they keep writing checks we can't cash!
What part of STOP THE SPENDING don't you guys understand?!?!?!?!!!! I guess we need to vote u guys out as well!!

1 year 5 months ago (Edited)

Remember that you can't vote someone "out" - you can only vote a replacement "in."
That means you have to first have a replacement.
Hopefully, someone who is better than the current officeholder. Start recruiting!

1 year 5 months ago

That's a good point. Thanks for the reminder

1 year 5 months ago

This "off-election" year is the exact time when we must be diligent in preparing for the next cycle, by identifying, recruiting, training and supporting GOOD candidates for office.

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1 year 5 months ago
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I'm sorry, did I miss the part about serious budget cuts? Is that in there anywhere?

1 year 6 months ago

Hey, withholding the pay of elected officials is a start. They can afford it.. Considering most live more lavishly than the majority of American Tax Payers that pay for their lavish life styles..

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1 year 6 months ago

I agree - withhold the pay of those officials as punishment for not doing their job. But also realize that it is only symbolic, as the $$ savings won't make a rounding error in the deficit. I want to see REAL spending cuts!

1 year 6 months ago
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