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FLORIDA: They struck out with the Jews, so now Muslims are spreading their propaganda to recruit Hispanics

Via » Submitted On Thu, 01/24/2013 - 6:58pm by 六十四 Cerca

“Se Habla  Espanol?” asks billboards in South Florida promoting the religion of the paedophile prophet.

Shark Tank (h/t Henry P) Broward County has had several recent incidents where Muslims have clashed with Christians and Jews in protests regarding Israel as well as about the construction of several Mosques throughout the county. In light these controversies, a newly established billboard campaign promoting the website is now clearly visible from both the northbound and southbound lanes of I-95.  We reviewed the site page by page and it’s essentially a ’411′ website for both Muslims and for persons who are interested in learning more about the religion. is very user friendly and covers a wide number of topics pertaining to Islam including its relationship with other religions, so-called “misconceptions” about Sharia Law as well as other highly questionable claims about the religion that will certainly raise eyebrows.   The site even has a link to an information page that tells you how to arrange a tour of a mosque.  And this being South Florida, the billboards dutifully inform us that the shadowy organization’s representatives also “Se Habla Espanol.”


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