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Colleges, Universities Encourage Violence Towards Women

Do Colleges, Universities Encourage Violence Towards Women? | Peter Egan Jr Denounced in Tulane Hullabaloo
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Tulane University: Rape's Staunchest Supporter or Rabid Advocate of Gun Violence?

An epidemic of violence has been raging at Tulane University for close to a decade now, and the university appears to have a vested interest in seeing to it that it continues.

Located in one of the world's most dangerous cities, and with grossly inadequate on-campus parking (not to mention thousands of students who llive off-campus but within walking distance), Tulane has been steadfast in its imposition of a campus-wide gun-ban, actively encouraging criminals to lie in wait one or more blocks off campus, lurking in the shadows until their victims start walking home from class. When they do, the criminals - who are typically armed with pistols or smaller versions of semi-automatic rifles with the barrels sawed off - approach the students, demand their money, personal belongings including but not limited to their vehicles; and when the students are female, they more often than not demand they surrender their bodies as well.

Not all of the crime is targeted aganist women, but virtually all of the crime that's sexual in nature is. Women wakling home or to their cars from campus are raped about once every 10-14 days. The school knows this. The local media has reported on the seemingly endless string of rapes and armed robberies with a seemingly endless string of stories covering the violence.

Despite the fact that in 100% of these crimes the victim - who was leaving campus - was unarmed while the assailant was armed, Tulane has been steadfast in its support of the criminals, refusing to even discuss with any degree of seriousness the idea of extending constitutional protections to students paying tens of thousands of dollars to attend the school.

Thus, one must logically conclude that either Tulane actively advocates gun violence, or it is among rape's strongest supporters. You decide which it is...


If I could do it all over again, I'd have entitled the piece the following: TULANE's WAR ON WOMEN | Alt Title: "Tulane's Support of Gun Violence"

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