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Duped! Hysterical Obama Hoax Shows Zionist Trail

Via » Submitted On Mon, 02/04/2013 - 9:08pm by 六十四 Cerca

Timed by Israel to undermine Defense Secretary nominee, Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam War combat vet and first “tough on Israel” American to survive the smears (so far), a shocking and utterly groundless fairytale has been spread, traced down to WorldNetDaily, and a bizarre coalition of neocons, white supremacists, “neo-Nazis” and Zionist extremists.

This is more than a story, it is an investigative project.  This is a rare opportunity to scour the internet, make notes, see the bloated underbelly of “the enemy’ exposed.  The sites carrying this vicious hoax will begin running for cover.  You may have to move quickly.


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