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CO Sen Mark Udall Surrenders to Partisanship: What Will Sen. Bennet Do On Hagel Nomination?

UDALL SURRENDERS TO PARTISANSHIP: What Will Sen. Bennet Do On Hagel Nomination?
Via » Submitted On Tue, 02/12/2013 - 8:04pm by Norman Wolfe

Colorado's Senator Mark Udall today did what he always does: bowed to partisanship on a key vote before the U.S. Senate. Udall, who literally ignored the pleas of Pinon Canyon ranchers who urged him to vote against Hagel, joined a party-line vote of Democrats to usher Hagel from the Senate Armed Services Committee and to the full Senate.

Always good for a press release, a letter or some other contrivance to engineer the appearance that he is something other than a party hackjob, Udall is never one to stray from party allegiance when it is time to vote.


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