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Operation Hubris - The State of the Union address hardly displayed liberalism reborn

Operation Hubris
Via » Submitted On Fri, 02/15/2013 - 10:21am by Norman Wolfe

Jonah Goldberg writes on NRO: One of the great things about American politics is its capacity for punishing hubris.For the ancient Greeks, hubris didn't merely describe godlike arrogance. It was a crime, usually defined as taking too much pleasure in the humiliation of your foes.  In its modern usage it usually means the pride that comes before the fall.

In the wake of Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, both connotations seem at least a little apt.


"Obama’s State of the Union had the lowest ratings in 13 years for a reason — and it’s not that America is excited for a new golden age of liberalism. The momentum Obama feels is the pull of gravity, as he starts his fall."

3 years 2 months ago
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