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The Fight For Liberty: Critical Lessons From Liberty's Greatest Champions Of The Last 2,000 Years

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You might be interested in my e-book -- THE FIGHT FOR LIBERTY, CRITICAL LESSONS FROM LIBERTY'S GREATEST CHAMPIONS OF THE LAST 2,000 YEARS, tells inspiring stories of 70 individuals who made a difference for liberty, overcoming huge odds.  You'll also gain important insights that can be applied now from 7 of the greatest historic movements for liberty.

Among the people who will probably inspire you --

*  With a bold warning to a Nazi general, in December 1944, Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg helped stop a planned massacre of 70,000 Jews in the Budapest Central Ghetto.

*  Ayn Rand fled from a monstrous Soviet tyranny, learned a second language, worked as a waitress and wrote books that sold over 20 million copies -- making a moral case for free market capitalism.

*  Milton Friedman was proudest of helping to abolish U.S. military conscription.  Nobody did more to persuade the public, the generals and the president.  An all-volunteer military began in 1973.

*  The British dissident John Lilburne faced the death penalty 4 times, but in the 1640s he helped develop the first agenda for liberty – including private property, freedom of contract, freedom of trade, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, a rule of law, a separation of powers and a written constitution.

*  William Penn, who established Pennsylvania -- the largest sanctuary for religious liberty -- was disowned by his father, he was imprisoned for his religious beliefs, he spent four years as a fugitive in London’s squalid slums, he was thrown into a debtor’s prison, and he battled his crooked business manager who had gained control of Pennsylvania.

*  The American Revolution was started by bankrupt Quaker corset-maker Thomas Paine whose pamphlet Common Sense sold 500,000 copies and persuaded Americans to pursue independence.

*  General George Washington wasn’t sure how to win the American Revolutionary War, but he figured out how to make it unwinnable for the British.

*  Lafayette helped Americans win the Revolutionary War at Yorktown, then went on to play an important role in the downfall of two French kings and emperor Napoleon.

*  William Wilberforce led the first successful campaigns to abolish the British slave trade and slavery, despite opposition from slave-holders, slave ship owners, outfitters, bankers and politicians.

*  Nobody expressed rugged American individualism better than Mark Twain.  He also spoke out against taxes, slavery, militarism and anti-Semitism.  “This gets me in heaps of trouble,” he said.

*  Because Les Miserables author Victor Hugo denounced taxes, tyrants and war, he had to go into exile for 19 years, and all his French property was seized.  But thousands cheered his return.

*  In 1920, Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises explained why socialism causes economic chaos.  Seven decades later, as the Soviet Union was collapsing, socialist Robert Heilbroner admitted in the glossy pages of The New Yorker: “It turns out, of course, that Mises was right."

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