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Barack Obama Pulls a Move Almost Worthy of Saddam Hussein

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Shortly before U.S. troops stormed Iraq to oust its dictator, Saddam Hussein released thousands of prisoners from Iraqi jails. Some were petty criminals, some were hardcore, some were terrorists. Hussein unleashed them to build his own popularity and to sow chaos. Today, Barack H. Obama’s Department of Homeland Security is doing this: The sequester is officially still three days away, but the Obama administration already is making the first cuts, with officials confirming that the Homeland Security Department has begun to release what it deems low-priority illegal immigrants from detention.


How many American citizens will be slaughtered as a result of the mass release of these human assault weapons of mass destruction?

The depraved murderous Islamonazi squatting in the White House will have blood on his hands.

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2 years 11 months ago

Damned right!

2 years 11 months ago
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