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Canadians manipulating 9/11 tragedy to criticize America

Strangely realistic tale sets 9/11 in Edmonton
Via » Submitted On Tue, 11/12/2013 - 4:50pm by Mark Warhole


Wanted you fellow patriots to join me in asking Amazon to take down this element of the left's ongoing ideological cancer. From the time it landed in my review pile at our micro-zine, the VA Militant, I knew it was brutally offensive and potentially dangerous. I tried to call the author on his bullshit, but he refused an interview. After we found out about the taboo porn and holocaust denial issue at Amazon, we realized we weren't alone in our concern over titles with dangerous implications. The Left is trying to protect these sickos, floating their hate-speech to the top.

This Canadian book  re-contextualizes our tragedy- September 11th - in order to criticize American foreign policy and our American way of life. It's called Faultline 49. Worse than using 9/11 as a story prompt, it glorifies anti-Americanism and terrorism. We think Amazon should take it down, or at the very least, keep it out of the hands of impressionable American youth - especially because it seems to encourage terrorism.

A boycott would give it too much attention and praise from the left, so a silent request for removal is in order. Taking away their marketplace seems like a good way to derail their propaganda.

Thought you patriots should know about the initiative that Elizabeth and I are taking. Keep fighting the good fight!

God bless,
Mark & Elizabeth Warhole


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