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Sandy Hook: TIMELINE from police scanner.

December 25, 2012

Read with caution. The truth is difficult to see when pandemonium prevails.


(( OPCOM )) (( Operator Comment: me))
(( All times are AM Eastern Standard Time))

09:35:44 (Dispatch calls unit 67) Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) caller indicates that she thinks someone inside the school shooting in the building.

09:36:08 – 22 (( at least two other units report enroute to which 67 acknowledges ))

09:36:44 (Dispatch) Units responding to SHES, the front glass is broken out, they’re not sure why.

(( Two acks heard))

09:37:14 (Dispatch) All units, the individual I have on the phone, is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire.

09:37:23 (Unit) I’m approaching the school, all other units take up positions points in that driveway

(( two acks heard ))

09:38:12 (Dispatch) All units responding to SHES, the shooting has stopped is silent at this time. The school is in Lock-Down.

09:38:38 (Unit ?67?) on foot

09:38:44 (First Responder ?7?95) Roger that, we’ll meet you up here…. And go from there. (ack)

09:38:58 (Dispatch) 67 Did you report on the (grbld)?
09:39:02 Roger
09:39:03 (Dispatch) I have reports that the teacher saw two shadows running past the building, past the gym which is in the rear… they are still shooting.

09:39:21 (Unit 67) Yeah we got ‘em.

09:39:22 (Unit) They’re coming at me down (kirks) way!
(( Kirk’s Way. May be the name of an officer ))
((Above unit is probably using a body-mic and is running by the sound of his breathing))

09:39:23 (Unit) Give me an address

09:39:32 (Unit) Go up the driveway, left side.

09:39:46 (Unit) five six, this is it. (female ack)

(( Units at the scene in pursuit of at least two (they’re) behind and to the left of the building referenced from the front door))
((Chatter is garbled in here coordinating movements in pursuit at the end, it sounds like he says ‘telephone’))

09:40:05 (Dispatch) You are requested to stage … I will need two ambulances at this time.
(( The above line taken from the many voices in the background of Dispatch’s mic where a female is heard relaying the address of the school and another is too garbled to make out))

09:40:24 (Dispatch) Cars responding, shooters apparently still shooting in the office area, 12 Dickenson Drive.

((Three acks))

09:40:58 (Dispatch) Troop A personnel; take exit 10, left on 34, continue on Riverside Road, Dickenson Drive. Make sure you have your vest on.

09:41:08 (Unit) acknowledge we have no visual crew on station.

(( Dispatch Acks))

09:41:19 (Footchase unit) Ok, I got… (grbld) ?calm down?...
09:41:26 (Dispatch) (grbld) Be aware that we have a second unit.
09:41:30 (811) Eight Eleven
09:41:33 (?x?45) (grbld) forty five
09:41:38 (383) Enroute
09:41:42 (unit) Fourteen (enroute)
09:41:46 (690) Six Ninety Enroute
09:42:06 (Unit) Connecticut Combination One Charlie Echo Juliette Four, 1 CEJ 4. Blazer (( License Plate ))

09:42:38 (unit) Responders Last known shots were in the front of the school, maybe the roof.

09:42:42 (unit) Be advised seven two, (grbld)

09:42:45 (Unit0 Troop A, directions again. (sirens in b/g)
09:42:46 (Troop A Dispatch) Troop A, all cars, exit 10 left on rte 34, left onto Riverside Road, and then take a right onto Dickenson Drive.

09:43:26 (unit) (inhere) I have Newtown on the line yet
09:43:29 (Troop A Dispatch) Ok I have Newtown on the line, we’re coordinating with them. They may want us to establish a perimeter or whatever
09:43:30 (Unit) Roger that

09:43:39 (unit) We have one injured in Room 1, who has sustained a gunshot wound to the foot, I advise for an ambulance (garbld rest)

09:44:00 (dispatch) E-3, E-1 (what is your)
09:44:06 (grbld)
09:44:08 (female dispatch) ok thank you

09:44:17 Outstanding

09:44:29 (unit) nine eight. (ack) ok, to the (wound) gunshot to the foot, we’ll continue checking.

09:44:34 Rich, Rte 34 is at exit 11.
09:44:35 ((Background at dispatch, several voices, one giving directions, another acknowledging comms on another channel))

09:45:13 (unit) nine eight
09:45:21 left foot. ((helicopter heard in background))

09:45: seven three four three, checking in side, (( and cross talk and voice over here including possible EMT verifying connections to the patient including EKG ))

09:46 eight two we are at staging

09:46:23 (female dispatch) nine eight we’ve got an injured person in room number 9 with numerous gunshot wounds.

09:46: (( more cross talk including commander at the scene calling to set up a staging area in the driveway which is beside the Sandy Hook Fire Department otherwise known as Dickenson Drive, the entrance to SHES ))

09:46:48 (dispatch) One Four Nine, we have a Sgt from Newtown on scene unknown if the shooter location
09:46: (?Sgt?) ok that’s four, I don’t, We can’t let anybody in.

09:46: (dispatch) I have them on the line, I’m keeping them on the line.

09:47:08 (unit) we’re moving to the rear of the Fire Department on Dickenson

09:47:37 Eight eleven thirty-one
09:47: (unit) thirty-one

You should have Newtown on scene with two Sgts and another patrol car.

Ask six if we can get a location from…

09:48:30 (unit) perimeter on the building
09:48:31 (unit) roger
09:48:50 (unit) (grbld) two is at staging

09:49:06 Negative on description, ok shots were fired about three minutes ago, quiet at the time.

09:49:38 (three five) thirty-one
09:49:30 (dispatch) roger three five, thirty-one
09:49:49 (Newtown Sgt) Alright, I’ll wait outside for them

09:50:14 (35) three five, staging area
09:50:15 (female dispatch) ten four

09:50:37 Thirteen fifteen watch your hole at riverside and secure that area.

09:51:06 (unit) forty four, thirty five the vehicle (grbld) close to the exit
09:51:16 (dispatch) Ten four
09:51:22 Red light
09:51:27 (unit) do we have one, back down
09:51:31 Eight three one
09:51:33 (grbld)
09:51:34 Cut it
09:51:35 CLEAR
09:51:37 And swing down here and get us out thanks a lot for his (?) please
09:51:43 Roger

09:51:51 We have a suspect down

09:51:56 (( One unit has a horrible mic, apparently others can hear ok, could be channel bleed on this freq ))

09:52:14 To the left
09:52:16 (in here) number on this
09:52:18 Five Delta Five
09:52:21 (unit) See you Delta Five
09:52:22 Could we have a case number on this
09:52:31 (dispatch) case number one eight two fifty-four [182 54] (( or sixty-four ))

09:51:37 I got By Dickenson Drive, staging at the firehouse now
09:52:39 That is confirmed at this time. You’re going to stage with the EMS crews, Dickenson Drive, that’s the Sandy Hook Fire Department.
09:52: (Newtown sgt) ten four, zero nine fifty-two ((time))
((EMS chatter here regarding staging))

09:53:23 (dispatch) Newtown is reporting, one suspect down, the building has now been cleared.

09:53:28 (unit) be a couple more cars up at the scene
09:54:16 (dispatch) Signal Five. In the air. If you have patrol information go to channel 8

09:54:29 (Higinson ninety-one) In the liberty way parking lot, reporting no injuries, but possible side air bag employed.
09:54:31 ((ack))
09:54:35 (Female dispatch) Headquarters (fadz)
09:55:54 (52) request Motor Vehicle Stop near (fadz)

09:55:59 (751) Can you take me off the ‘H’ ‘I’ ‘F’ and put me on the number

09:55:26 (unit) Be advised, we have multiple weapons, including long rifles and shotgun.

09:55:42 (462) I need a hook out here
09:55:46 (dispatch) roger, go to channel 8
09:55:53 (462) Yeah, I tried
09:56:04 (unit) same location, five four four xray Charlie lima [544 XCL] Connecticut Plate.

09:56:Three one seven, there’s a signal five in the air, if you respond (fadz) on Newtown.

Notify D.O.T. they got a speedlimit sign down.
09:57:32 (dispatch) ok, any plain clothes responding, make sure you have your RAID gear on. RAID gear on.
(grbld in here from scene)

09:57:37 (82) eight two is proceeding to the scene at the request of the police department

09:58:49 (401) thirty-one

09:59:04 (dispatch) 83 (ack) which one of you is moving up to the scene 82 or 83.
09:59:06 (83) 82, and 83 wants to know if we should go in also
09:59:08 (dispatch) at this time, (unk) has not requested you to the scene.

09:59:47 (( additional EMS units arriving on scene take directions, 420 is told where to turn. Dispatch announces that no units need to ack ))

10:00:13 Ask the Custodian we need a way up to the roof and a team up there to clear the roof (ack)

10:00:33 (HQ) (33) thirty three to Headquarters, motor vehicle stop.

10:00:54 We need the bus up here right away, send the ambulance right up to me. 401 get the bus, (unk) get the bus

10:01:09 (33) [722 ZHA] radar

10:01:28 (grbld and overmodulating) down the hall, (unk) the way and get (fadz)

10:01:44 (Troop A) (811) You might want to see if the surrounding towns can send EMS personnel, we’re running out real quick… real fast

10:01:53 (811) (Troop A) Roger eight eleven, additional ambulance needed. Roger

10:02:09 (Newtown) (83) This is eight three, (blkd)

10:02:52 (82) (Dispatch) (grbld) they’ve been called for everything. (ack)

(( several exchanges in here with no value ))
10:03:00 (dispatch) What is the number of ambulances you require?

10:03:23 (Klaxon warning) (fadz in) lot of people coming out

((Several talk-overs here with ambulance/EMS crews using 4xx callsigns responding to the call))

10:03:52 (dispatch after klaxon) ok we’re walking on each other. Hook and ladder go ahead.

(( apparently, the klaxon sound is the Fire Department interrupt signal, possibly Newtown Fire Department ))
10:03:52 (dispatch) Hook and Ladder standby for instruction
10:03:58 (212) ( FD dispatch) respond, Sandy Hook School. Medical emergencies, Newtown Hook and Ladder, Sandy Hook School, Medical Emergencies

10:04: (female dispatch) (blkd) your last transmission, you were being walked on
10:04:23 (unit) 406 (blkd) We need a staging area for the, personnel and the students and the parents. Outside, near the street, 401 (fadz)

10:04:48 (121) (station) (( call ))
10:04:57 (1505) (unk) (call/ack) Medic One and Medic Two are available at the hospital
10:05:01 (unk) (Female dispatch is 1505) 10-4
10:05:31 (1505) (in) on Liberty Road for neck pain
10:05:47 (unk) (272) you’re a go… on the roof ( blkd)
10:05:52 (Newtown Sgt) [872 YEO] Possible suspect vehicle
10:05:56 (dispatch) Newtown 102 copy

10:06: as well, last name is Rodia (spells R-O-D-I-A) Christopher A. (blkd) August 6, 69

(( Name and D.O.B. of man arrested in the woods and associated/registered owner of Black Honda Civic CT [872 YEO] in the trunk of which was found a rifle with one round in it, ejected and photographed/video taped after dark. The Honda was loaded atop a carrier and removed from SHES the next morning.))

(( There is no radio correlation for this man and this car, but it was posted as such, {may be true} on http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.action... as a wild herring.))

(( Still annoying that Mr. Rodia just happened to be at SHES on that particular morning. At this time, it appears that he, with pedophilia, theft and fraud on his RAP sheet, that he might have been merely ogling the school children or seeking his next victim. Your choice unless of course he was involved in the shooting. Perhaps not though, since the shooting started at the front and ended with Lanza taking his own life (suggested) Rodia was unlucky all around and bolted for the woods. He was seen by first responders and tracked into the woods where he was apprehended and brought back to the parking lot in handcuffs. This partially explains the CBS and FOX reporting as well as the Gather wild herring statements.))

(( Christmas Day 2012: It did occur to me, in closing and a day or two later that had Rodia not been there, the two back-up police would have asisted the first responding unit (67) entering the building sooner and may well; given the time, put an end to the murders and saved a number of lives. This is speculation, but since the two cops chased down Rodia in the woods, there was nobody to back-up the first cop for at least three minutes. Note well that Rodia was apprehended while shooting was going on inside.))


2 years 10 months ago

Unless Adam Lanza really hated children, or anybody, I think the one responsible for shooting the children was someone else. Whether he killed the children or made Adam do it, there is for too many unanswered questions, and I bet they will never be totally or truthfully answered.

2 years 10 months ago

You can feel the weight of this hanging over our nation.

2 years 10 months ago

Why isn't the media just telling us what they know. Why must they always think that we don't deserve to know or they must put a spin on it. What is their reasoning for their actions?

2 years 10 months ago

I don't trust the liberal media. It must boil down to $s.

2 years 10 months ago

All pretty good points to consider.

I think we can all feel the weight of this as a nation. Somehow, on a large scale of senselessness, it registers way up there. However, if you were to assemble the families of all our soldiers killed in Afghanistan since Obama was first elected, you would hold an audience of some 8-10 thousand people. Once they all had the occasion to meet one another, they would be just as driven by anger, just as deeply lost as a small town in Connecticut.

 … More
2 years 10 months ago

The "media" only said what it was told or told to say. And their questions were never answered. The "government", police and who ever the hell was there, never seemed to be doing anything except stand around following their programed and practiced instructions.

 … More
2 years 10 months ago (Edited)

They've figured it out that they can't get rid of the 1st Amendment until they erase the Second Amendment. They are destroying all of America, which survived and prospered because of BUSINESS. Without business, commerce, we are only ignorant stooges ready to be taken control of and reprogrammed for THEIR uses. We will be made to attack each other to survive for awhile longer. Then they will bring in their Foreign "HELPERS", and UN armies of the world to bring us to "PEACE".

 … More
2 years 10 months ago

As Thomas Jefferson said in so manywords when you reload that's freedom.

2 years 10 months ago

And peace is that quiet moment spent reloading.

2 years 10 months ago
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