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What do you think about Obama Admiral?

January 10, 2013

Michael Savage brought this story to my attention tonight.

What do you think of Obama Admiral?


3 years 3 weeks ago (Edited)

that Muslim USURPER and all his TREASONOUS CRIMINAL PALS SHOULD ALL BE ARRESTED brought to TRIAL found GUILTY as they surely are then HUNG as an example.

3 years 3 weeks ago

Whatever happened there is impeachable and treason. I'm leaning toward several stories reporting the kidnapping was planned, but they didn't figure on a couple SEALS sayin' F*** THIS!!! And goin' anyway.

3 years 3 weeks ago

It's all true, and there is much much more. I have four 3 inch binders of research that tell me.

3 years 3 weeks ago

I hope something gets done about this but unfortunately I think it will be swept under the rug like fast and furious.

3 years 3 weeks ago

James, , I wish there was a way to give infinite upvotes. . .I'd have done it for you. You are an example of the anger boiling up in this country. Now, if we could just harness that anger and put it to work to fix things, we'd be getting somewhere!

3 years 3 weeks ago

Be patient jerry... It's coming. Obama's latest attack on pay checks is stirring many souls.

3 years 3 weeks ago

I don't know how many out of the 59 million who voted for o felt the cut in their pay check this week, but I know that the 90 million registered voters who didn't vote at all may have felt a nice clump of change missing and asked why. Then again they could have been convinced that it is all the republicans fault. We are talking about millions who really don't know that they don't know...

3 years 3 weeks ago
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