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January 13, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, a government that trusts the people with firearms, is a government that can be trusted. The opposite holds to be true as well, that a government that doesn't trust citizens with guns, is a government that cannot be trusted. We can further say that, to the extent the government is wary of armed citizens, that government itself is dubious. This is important for people to understand, our standard of living, liberty and posterity are all endangered by government that seeks to disarm it's citizens.

The Elite's answer to every question that arises, is with more laws, more regulation and less liberty. They are a one stringed banjo. The answer is never less regulation, or more liberty. Our freedoms are always eroded while their reach into our lives becomes ever more intrusive. The Elite want to control more and more of our lives, for our own benefit “to be sure,” but no big brother is ever going to govern well, regardless if it is from a revolution or evolution. Human beings all seek liberty while the State always progressively seeks tyranny.

The progressives believe that society and government can be evolved to the perfect socialist State. They think that we can be trained into ants in their ant colony. The progressive ideal is a communist government without the revolution. They only differ from communists in the implementation of their ideology. In order to evolve society into an ant farm they first must disarm us. Our ability to defend ourselves gives us some protection from a tyrannical State, and a sense of individuality, which is antithetical to a “liberal.”

Individuality is both loved and hated by the progressives. They want unanimity of political thought, to do this, they splinter all other thought into warring factions, within society. Progressives love the artist who immerses a crucifix in urine, they adore Che Guevara the mass murderer, and they worship the emotion driven politician who doesn't bother read the laws he or she passes. The progressives hate people who are self reliant, those people don't need government handouts, socialists despise businessmen, businessmen allow people to be self reliant by providing work, and most of all, the progressives detest politicians who stand in their way.

Look at some of the things the Elite have been saying about our Rights and Our Constitution. Obama made it clear he this our Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, the Supreme Court judge, while on foreign soil, said, she would not us the American Constitution as a model for a new State forming today, the new amendment in the House to repeal the Constitutional limit on how many terms a President can serve, the list is as scary as it is sobering. Does this sound like people interested in limited government? Obama's Homeland Security Department has called anyone who has more the a month's worth of food a potential terrorist! Does that mean he could legally go house to house, seizing surplus food from people's cupboards? The citizenry would have to be unarmed for this to happen. It has been done many times in the past by the progressive's ideological peers.

A government that has no desire to overstep it's Constitutional bounds will be neutral to guns. If the Elite have no intentions to intrude into the lives of the citizens then that Elite will no be threatened by guns in the hands of free men and women. Government that guarantees the liberty of it's citizens would welcome an armed people because that nation would be impossible to invade. This would, does, naturally lower the cost of a standing army. The IJA didn't even consider the thought of invading the US mainland due to the widespread proliferation of guns in the hands of Americans.

The progressives on the other hand, who seek to evolve government into their socialists ideal must, as a matter of expediency, disarm the citizenry, else those self reliant among us can stand up to their intrusions. The more relentless the progressives in power are, for their evolution of society, the more ardent they will be in gun confiscation. If there isn't enough gun violence in the news they can exploit, to grab the Second Amendment away from the people, they can always create some in Mexico. Therefore, the level of their ardor can be reliably measured, by their distaste to having guns in the hands of free citizens. That's why I say, the more the Elite want a disarmed people, the less we can trust them.


John Pepin

3 years 4 months ago

Another great post here on 100MPS! There is hope, God is opening hearts and minds to truth.

3 years 4 months ago

It's scary how many people don't get this, though. I've been having this gun control discussion more often lately and have been appalled especially by gun owners who can't believe that their government is not benevolent. People are so comfortable that they just can't believe that communism could come to the US.

3 years 4 months ago

You brought out great points, John.
Mary....I so agree.... most especially with your last sentence.

3 years 4 months ago

I concur. Excellent article that needs nothing added. Have you heard of American Thinker (.com)? Anyone can submit articles.

3 years 4 months ago

This blog outlines one facet of why we need a NUMA. If you are interested in what the NUMA is you can read all about it here;


3 years 4 months ago
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