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January 16, 2013

SENT JAN. 16, 2013

Senator Rand Paul ~ Gun Rights and the Bill of Rights.

We at the "National Council of People" have been working feverishly to defeat what is going on in our country and with other groups trying to awaken the People, as to the threat that we are facing. One item of concern is the Gun Control and the Subverting of our "Bill of Rights"...

""Many will say we have to take the Guns out of society....for safety...
But as Franklin said...." for those who would give up Freedom for some Safety, deserve neither Safety nor Freedom."

"Guns are neither good nor bad, they don't kill, Evil People kill. Guns are made to protect us, the Good people, from the Bad and the Evil that would use any means to Kill or maim."
~W. H. Stewart

Do away with Guns and you bring in Tyranny, Oppression and insurrection.

Connecticut....is the Birth place of Colt, Smith & Wesson, Winchester, Sharps, Hartford Armory, Wilson Arms, Henry Riffles, Lyman BB guns....so on, ect., ect.

Three years ago a Doctor... , almost died from being beaten in the head with baseball bat, and all of his family, three women were killed.....
The two that did the Evil used a baseball bat and kitchen knives.... No guns were used.....
What's the Difference, Evil is Evil....!!!

Guns are only another tool to be used for "Good",
Not to be misused for Evil.!!

Take away Guns and our rights and you change our society, not for the better but for the worse.

You will turn people to fear more from Evil doers and the Government, which would be the only two who have the weapons to fear more….

“Those who have the power are those to fear and loose the rest of our rights and power of our voice as “We the People”.

To this we have written a new law , bill or Act...which ever you prefer.....like your opinion and support.

Article 23. “Bill of Rights Act”

The “Constitution of the United States” starts with,
“WE THE PEOPLE”……. It is a Document that was
written “by” and “for” the People, to the New Government,
not to divide us, but to bring us together in uniformity with Justice for all.

The ideas and ideals written therein were contrived from the Declaration of Independence and the “Articles of Confederation”. The “Bill of Rights” were founded on the principles of the Peoples natural Rights, as seen by our Creator, to protect ourselves, our families, homes and property and of our own sovereignty and hence that of the States in the Union under their own Constitution.

We understood that when a Government attains to much power, they will use that what the peoples have written against us, to subverse those Laws written, to contain them, and then abuse or disregard those we had written for ourselves for own protection, and limit what we can do by other Laws.

The “Laws” or Amendments to the Constitution, 1 thru 10, are “Unalienable” rights and can not be construed to have been written by Government for us, they were, at time of writing, to be assumed already and not to be “Infringed” upon for any reason, under any circumstances or subverted by any Law contrived by Congress or the Executive Branch of Government.

(1.) Where As; No Law contrived by Government nor Congress, may avert, subverse, subvert, infringe or otherwise overtly oppress any Amendments of the Bill of Rights, known as Amendments 1 thru 10.

(2.) Where As; Any Act, Bill, Law nor Amendment to the Constitution that is contrary to the Bill of Rights, shall be considered as an act of Sedition and therefore an act of War to the People by the Administration, Congress or any person that brings forward the Bill or Act that averts or suppresses those unalienable Rights.""

W. H. Stewart
Supreme Council
National Council of People

3 years 3 months ago

Right On

3 years 3 months ago

Thanks, Bill!

3 years 3 months ago

Yeha.......!!!! ""WE THE PEOPLE""

3 years 3 months ago

Well said,I am one of the WE THE PEOPLE, and am ashamed of the way our Public Official's are behaving. First the free speech then our fire arm's.After that they won't stop until we're saluting our Dictator. Enough with scare tactic's. We must all stay united and not let them win.

3 years 3 months ago
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