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Violence in America: Ban All Guns, Knives, Bats, Bras, Rocks

January 17, 2013

Yes, it is getting that ridiculous when kids cannot use their imagination to play. They will all grow up brain dead or zombies.

1 year 11 months ago

Just in the last day or so two kids, about 6 yrs.old, got suspended for using "finger guns" during recess. I'll post it if I can find it, unless you know where to find it.

1 year 11 months ago


Ever try cutting a juicy porter house with a bowling ball?

Let's just say... It's hard on the plates and could get you kicked out of some fine dining facilities.

Let's fight for knives before it's to late.

1 year 11 months ago

Casey, you forgot Pea Shooters, rubber bands, spit balls and the slingshot.

1 year 11 months ago

Boot, still laughing

1 year 11 months ago

Nah.... I think we start fighting for our 2nd Amend....Rock rights..... don't even think about putting a sling on the rock.... and never carry more than five rock Clip.

Definition of Assault Rock = any Rock over..2ozs or .223 cal.rock.... with a sling attached and no Slings with finger holds..... that would be a "Automatic Attack Rock"

1 year 11 months ago (Edited)

Remember David vs Goliath!
We can do it peacefully!

1 year 10 months ago

I hope this helps our President....

I perfer cutting my porter house with the bayonet on the end of a full auto-AK-47 with a fifty round barrel magazine installed.

I admit... It's a bit of a manly dish.... but it's one of those pursuit of Happiness things

My point is what I do with my tactical property is my business Obama.

Bon Appetit

1 year 10 months ago

Bras!!!!!??????? Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

1 year 10 months ago

Boot, You're too much! lol
CN: Albeit you all would like to bannish your bras!

1 year 10 months ago

I have an idea, since the New York subway trains kills people, I think we should ban subway use. This way, we can cut healthcare cost because people will have to walk therefore they lose weight and become healthier. Also since there is a lot of shootings in the subway that would stop that.

1 year 10 months ago


Not so fast sister....those puppies can kill!

You know we're living in the end times when this is a headline!
You can't make this stuff up folks......

Washington Woman, Accused Of Using Her Breasts To Smother And Kill Boyfriend

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1 year 10 months ago

I am so crying right now.....can't stop laughing! Cookies, that was GREAT!!! Bless his heart, but I betcha he went out with a smile on his face.

1 year 10 months ago


January 18, 2013 at 7:42 am · Reply

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1 year 10 months ago

If Obama would spend even half of his time, energy and effort to disarm criminals here in the US, WE would be safer!

1 year 10 months ago


100% true....

think of all the $$$$ spent on waste .....crap
roaches like rap music....do lizards enjoy cheese wiz....does lead paint taste bad....Michelle Odummer's personal trainers, vacations, etc???

If Politicians did they right thing...and spent money like a family would....our country would be on a better path...then add in if "That Man "
care about jobs....as much as all the other crap he has focused on....our economy would be rocking...

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1 year 10 months ago (Edited)

Fast & furious!

1 year 10 months ago

Cash for Clunkers....
the list is endless......

Studies to find out if lava is hot...etc.....crazy amounts of waste....which I thought Joe Biden was going to be the head of...

funny how fast Biden could craft together a gun outline yet nothing on cutting waste....the liberals are worthless POS!

1 year 10 months ago

Michael, if O tracked all illegal guns we could finally be rid of Holder, at least. Instead, he wants to pass laws so he can make illegals of us!
Liberals don't have a moral compass, I'm convinced!

1 year 10 months ago


1 year 10 months ago

o has to start filling those FEMA Camps which all have new furnaces for warmth.

1 year 10 months ago

Don't forget Saran Wrap, extension cords, screwdrivers, bottles, dog's choke collars, and the obvious_cars, boat propellers, trains, jumpropes.
What fun--a whole bunch of new legislation!

1 year 10 months ago

You people are all off your rockers!!!

Trigger fingers.... Remove trigger fingers.

1 year 10 months ago
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