If you want to take America back in 2012, you need to be at FreePAC.

Like the Sons of Liberty before us who met in the pubs of Boston, modern day patriots will gather at FreePAC on July 26th in Dallas, TX to plan a grassroots revolt against the tyranny of Big Government.

Led by some of the biggest names in the conservative movement, FreePAC will teach you about emerging technologies, legislative tactics, and grassroots strategies you need to take America back!

Don't miss this opportunity to join nearly 20,000 of your fellow Americans at FreePAC. Get your tickets now.

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Thursday July 26, 2012 6:00-9:00PM | American Airlines Center Dallas, TX

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All attendees receive a complimentary FreePAC program and tote bag.
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  • Exclusive Post-Event Reception Featuring Glenn Beck, Dick Armey, & Matt Kibbe
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FreePac Speakers

Glenn Beck
Radio Personality
Dick Armey
Former U.S. House Majority
Matt Kibbe
FreedomWorks President / CEO
Ted Cruz
Richard Mourdock
Dana Loesch
Radio Talk Show Host and Editor at Breitbart.com
Stephen Kruiser
Comic and host of "Kruiser Control" on PJTV.com
C.L. Bryant
Star of the documentary film “Runaway Slave”
Dean Clancy
VP of Health Care Policy, FreedomWorks
Deneen Borelli
Director of Outreach, FreedomWorks
Mike Lee
U.S. Senator from Utah
Rand Paul
U.S. Senator from Kentucky
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