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YOU Decide the 2012 Freedom Platform!

In 2012, we have an historic opportunity to Take America Back, from the bottom up. Grassroots citizens like us can influence the Republican Party Platform by creating our own Freedom Platform.

Over the next month, we will be collecting your ideas and thoughts below and in town hall meetings across the country. After a grassroots activist committee selects the most impactful ideas to include in a final vote, you will have a chance to lend your voice to how we can best reform America. We will then unite to ensure that the Republican Party will accept and incorporate our Freedom Platform, created by We the People, into the Republican Platform!

Please help us now by filling out the survey below and submitting your own ideas. Your contribution to this cause will have a major impact in ensuring that the Republican Party is held accountable and adopts substantive conservative solutions to our nation's economic problems. Thank you for your leadership!

Replace Our Broken, Complicated Tax Code

Scrap the Code: Adopt a simple, fair, single-rate tax system (1)

Stop the Tax Hikes: Permanently repeal all tax hikes scheduled to begin in 2013 (1)

Allow small business owners to take a tax deduction equal to 20% of their business income (3)

Unleash America's Vast Energy and Job-Creation Potential

Reject Cap and Trade (1)

Authorize the exploration of proven domestic energy reserves to promote affordable and reliable energy at home (1)

Sell off certain currently unused non-defense-related land and mineral rights in the West (2)

Permit construction of the Keystone Pipeline (3)

Require congressional approval of all new regulations that significantly impact the economy (1)

Cut, Cap, and Balance Government Spending

Demand a Balanced Budget: Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment that requires a 2/3 majority vote for any tax hike (1)

End Runaway Government Spending: Cap federal spending at current levels (1)

Reduce federal spending to 2008 (pre-stimulus, pre-bailouts) levels (2)

No more debt ceiling hikes without equivalent upfront spending cuts

Pay for Performance: Institute a "No Balanced Budget, No Paycheck" rule for Members of Congress (2)

Replace ObamaCare with Patient-Centered Care

Expand Health Savings Accounts (3)

Allow individuals to purchase health insurance across state lines (1)

Make medical expenses 100% tax deductible (5)

Ensure access for patients with pre-existing medical conditions, without government mandates (3)

Restore Sound Money

End the Federal Reserve System (U.S. central bank) (6)

Audit the Fed (10)

Safeguard the value of the dollar by re-linking it to gold (8)

Permit the private use of precious metals as money (2)

Protect Workers' Right to Earn a Living

Repeal the Davis-Bacon "prevailing union wage" rule, which drives up federal costs and harms low-skill workers (4)

Bar the National Labor Relations Board from ordering private employers to locate facilities in unionized states (4)

Ensure fairness, democracy, and ballot secrecy in labor-union elections (4)

Shrink Washington and Restore Constitutionally Limited Government

Eliminate the Department of Education (2)

Eliminate the Department of House and Urban Development (HUD) (2)

Eliminate the Department of Energy and shift its nuclear programs to the Defense Department (2)

Reduce the number of federal workers back to pre-Obama levels (2)

Reduce Government Waste and Duplication

Stop the Pork: Ban earmarks until the budget is balanced and require a 2/3 majority to approve any earmark thereafter (1)

Privatize Amtrak and end urban mass transit grants (2)

Reduce unused or under-used federal building space by at least 25% (2)

End Corporate Welfare

End Solyndra and other "green" technology subsidies (2)

Eliminate subsidies to failing financial institutions and repeal the Dodd-Frank “too big to fail” law (1)

Eliminate Commerce Department subsidies to business (2)

End farm subsidies, including ethanol mandates (2)

Privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (2)

Increase Choice in Social Security

Means-test (reduce or eliminate) Social Security benefits for those with high incomes (9)

Gradually raise the Social Security retirement age to 68; raise it with changes in life expectancy thereafter (9)

Give all workers the option of reducing their payroll tax payments in exchange for a delayed retirement age (7)

Allow younger workers to deposit half of their payroll tax payments in a personally owned retirement account (2)

Bring Medicare Costs Under Control

Allow seniors to enroll in the same health plan as their Member of Congress (2)

Permit seniors to rely on private health insurance instead of Medicare (2)

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