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The New Fair Deal Action Day">The New Fair Deal Action Day

The New Fair Deal Action Day

    So you want to head to Washington for The New Fair Deal Action Day, but don’t have a ride or means of transportation? Don’t worry! Grassroots activists across the country are organizing carpools, buses, and caravans to the Nation’s Capital for The New Fair Deal Action Day on April 15th. Take a look at the map check to see if any carpools are happening in your area.
    The principles of The New Fair Deal – end corporate welfare, tax fairly, spend responsibly, and empower individuals – have the potential shake up America’s broken political system. But it will take your passion, your energy, and your voice to make it happen. Get connected with patriots near your hometown, and start making arrangements to head to Washington. We’ll see you on April 15th!
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Remember, government goes to those that show up.