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  • Pick a location, date and time in your town. I'd suggest a main street at an intersection with lots of traffic.
  • Add your event to this map
  • Tell your friends, family, co-workers and everyone else you know about the event or rally. Build an RSVP email list so that you can provide quick updates if something changes.
  • Make 5-10 signs with legible slogans that send a clear message to the public and the media. Write in BIG LETTERS.
  • Call your local talk radio hosts and ask them to announce the location, date and time on the air for a few days leading up to the protest. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper announcing the protest. Email the bloggers in your area and ask them to post a notice about the protest.
  • Write a press release and email, mail and fax copies to the local TV stations, radio stations and newspapers. Call the reporters that cover local events or politics and leave messages on their voice mail.
  • On the day of your protest, show up with your group, be loud, visible, happy and engage the public. Wave your signs, make lots of noise and move around to get attention. If reporters interview you, give them some good sound bytes for their stories. Stay on message and keep your answers short.
  • Bring sign-in sheets to capture the names, emails and phone numbers of everyone who attends the protest and/or says that they support what you are doing. You will then have a big list of people that can plan the next, much bigger and louder, event. Also bring handouts with one page of quick info. Invite attendees to join FreedomConnector.
  • Add your pictures, video and an after-action report to your FreedomConnector event or group, and send this stuff to the bloggers and reporters that you originally contacted. Ask them to post the photos, story and video.
  • Thank everyone who attended via email and phone, and set up a meeting to plan your next event. Now you have a list of people in your community that can help make the next protest huge. Encourage everyone to commit to bring at least one friend to the next protest.
  • Organize a carpool and go find a friend in your neighboring town or county and help them organize a protest there. You and your people are now veterans and should be able to keep the momentum going around.