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Netanyhu's Speech: The Calm After the Storm by Tsvi Sadan Comments by Pastor Ron Budwine

Welcome and Greetings "Sisters & Brothers"!

After watching the entire speech by our friend and "Brother" Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel before a joint meeting of the American Congress yesterday the world has become a far better place, at least for a while!

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The White House must respond to Netanyahu’s important new proposal

The decision to accept or reject a deal with Iran over its nuclear weapons program may be the most important foreign policy issue of the 21st Century.

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Everyone of these 'applications' needs to be looked into for possible criminal charges.

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Allan Simpson and Social Security

Subject: Fw: Really upset!

I don't think 'pissed' really covers it!!!!

Alan Simpson, the Senator from Wyoming, calls senior citizens the "Greediest Generation", as he compared "Social Security" to a Milk Cow with 310 million teats.

Here's a response in a letter from PATTY MYERS in Montana ... I think she is a little ticked off! She also tells it like it is!


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"Random Thoughts" by Thomas Sowell w/Forward by Pastor Ron Budwine

Welcome "Sisters & Brothers"!

We are posting a commentary from one of America's foremost thinkers our dear "Brother" Thomas Sowell! We've read his works for many years and continue to marvel at his understanding of current events! Please enjoy this bit of wit!

Peace be with you, Amen

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Can there be Victory over Extremist Theology?

The Center for Security Policy has considered the President's "Countering Extremism" theory -- that theory is missing a leg to stand on.

by Liam Bamford
March 3, 2015
" Countering Victory over Extremism "

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'To Obama Administration, ‘Period’ Must Be Signal For ‘We’re Lying’'

We all know they are lying so why even try to cover?

This formulation should not provide much comfort to Israel.

Speaking to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Monday, American Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Powers declared, “the United States will not allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon. Period.”

Does that sound familiar?

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SICKENING: Nancy Pelosi Makes an Announcement About Her Paycheck

Nancy Pelosi has said some pretty ridiculous things in the past. The California Democrat made headlines a few years ago by desperately trying to pass Obamacare and declaring that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

However, the former speaker of the House just said something that might take first place on the list of Pelosi puzzlers. The lawmaker recently revealed how out of touch she truly is.

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 on Everyone's Plan B
Problems with ‘a’ Convention of States "Balanced Budget Amendment"

The first glaring problem is there isn't ‘a’ convention of states there are several, the groups calling for a convention can’t even get together on a course of action to move forward on. How can “We The People…” get behind a plan that isn’t even a agreed upon plan by the Leaders calling for it? John wants a ‘Convention of States’ so does Sue, Joseph, Kevin, Lance, Donna and others.

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