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Are the Feds Ready to Force Churches to Deny Christian Morality?

Amid the cross-country race to election 2016, the secular left's utter disdain for both our Creator Christ and His faithful followers is fast approaching critical mass. Self-styled "progressives" – that is, America's cultural Marxist agents of ruin – typically disguise their designs on despotism in the flowery and euphemistic language of "reproductive health," "anti-discrimination" and "multiculturalism."

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Questions About Obama Colonizing America with Muslims

Obama wants to bring terrorist attackers to America.

Check it out:

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., has received a response to his letter demanding answers from Secretary of State John Kerry about the planned resettlement of dozens of foreign refugees in his state.

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Christian girl given zeroes for her beliefs

You know it’s not going to be good when a 10-page letter of complaint breaks off in the middle and says, “But wait, there’s more.”

That’s the case of a letter from officials with Liberty Counsel that was sent to Polk State College in Florida about the “pervasive anti-Christian bias” a teacher, Lance Russum, imposes on students.

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5/05/15 - War on the Saints by Jessie Penn-Lewis, Chapter 9, Part 11


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5/5/15 Call to Repentance

Call to Repentance
After two days will He revive us: in the third day He will raise us up, and we shall live in His sight. HOSEA 6:2

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Remember when people respected freedom?

Remember when people respected freedom?
And gave thanks for it?
Do you remember when we had many rights yet had the wisdom not to "push it"?
Do you remember when we knew we did not deserve these many blessings and rights?

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Shooting outside of Dallas leaves liberals attacking…the victims?

Two gunman shot up a “Draw Muhammad” contest outside of Dallas on Sunday. Within hours of the attack, liberals criticized organizers of event for holding the contest, implying that they should have known better. Where is the outrage and unity from the press that we saw just a few months ago when the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo were gunned down by terrorists? Glenn had the story and his reaction on radio Monday.

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