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 on 'Be Prepared': Homosexual ...

there will be a fight coming to this country and its not going to be good

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 on Obama Calls Himself Americ ...

I without a doubt, "know", the Nazi's didn't do a good enough job on my family..PERIOD! I sure hope Mr. Netanyahu isn't on here. He is sure to blow a fuse, as is Mark Levin if he sees this.
If the Jews I knew, were elected to President of the United States, THEY CERTAINLY WOULDN'T OF F%$KED THIS COUNTRY OVER LIKE THIS MAN HAS!!!

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 on 'Be Prepared': Homosexual ...

The "straight" packing list -

freeze dried meals
fishing gear
sleeping bag
fresh clothing
380 semi auto - 3 clips

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 on Obama Calls Himself Americ ...

Make It Stop, make it stop!

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 on TEXAS Senate Passes Anti-S ...

To: Our Loan Star State, The Great State of Texas! -- You got it right!
There seems to be a great deal of illiteracy among the left of left commies and sharia-enforcer wanna be's!

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 on Obama Calls Himself Americ ...

I think he meant "muslim"

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 on Black TV Executive Calls O ...

Dirty Old Boma is going to get busted with a crack pipe in his mouth....Just like D.C. Mayor, Marion Barry did...You know the Barry Brothers cant put it down...He has to be on the pipe to be jacked up as he is...

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"You must believe in free will; there is no choice."
-- Isaac Bashevis Singer

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