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 on America's crony capitalism ...

Note that Crony Capitalism is not new, and in fact pre-dates capitalism entirely, when Kings and Nobles set up their cronies via the patronage systems. It is a problem that needs to be continually fought, if the people are to be economically free.

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 on Mitch McConnell willing to ...

this shows how much power the conservatives have when they apply pressure to the RINO Establishment leadership - they start to listen to the people when their hides are on the line!

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 on Voter Fraud & The Second A ...

Very interesting letter by Eleanor Roosevelt regarding the Battle of Athens, TN. Dem's have lost sight of basic principles just like a marxist doesn't care about basic principles such as God given rights .... liberty. Our founders didn't reach for a cartridge box, that came 100 years later. A powder horn and a pouch for wadding and ball for a musket. A proficient farmer could do two shots per minute, and it was enough to beat the worlds best standing army.

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 on Police State Targets Dissi ...

12 June 2014 Social science is being militarised to develop 'operational tools' to target peaceful activists and protest movements

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 on Hillary Clinton Flunks Ec ...

TeaParty women for President.

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 on UH OH: Mary Landrieu says ...

You can tell when a Democrat is in trouble, because they start screaming "Raaaaaacist!"
Her blatant race-baiting is truly abhorent.

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 on Mitch McConnell willing to ...

AKA: There are 'NO' rules or procedures. Have you folks got his now?

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 on Obama tax hikes are hurtin ...

October 29th, 2014 From This Day Forward, We Will Watch How The Stock Market Performs Without The Fed’s Monetary Heroin

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 on STAMP OF APPROVAL: Women B ...

Nathan, There is no such a thing as nonpartisan. Each and every person thinks differently, and everyone of us has our own goals and desires which makes all of us partisan!

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