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 on New Emails Show Lois Lerne ...

Well I'm not going to fault her for saying that, as I say even worse things about her side.

There are plenty of other offenses [crimes] to hold her accountable for....

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 on Democrats Admit Amnesty Is ...

The political strategists on immigration have a long-term view, and it is a view toward government cotrol and dependency. And that is why opponents are so adamant about this fight as well - if we cannot hold the line now, the line will be moved and be much harder to move it back.

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 on FLAILING: Romanoff Attacks ...

The only thing Romanoff has is lies - he must depend upon people believing them in order to get elected.

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Udall would be a great representative of his constituents, if he represented California and New York. For Colorado - not so much. Let's send him there!

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 on Democrats Admit Amnesty Is ...

July 24, 2014 Dem Donors Offered “Deep Discounts” To Attend Obama Fundraisers, Price For Sit Down Dropped From $25K To Just $5K… And this is in the ultra-liberal and ultra-wealthy San Fran area.

President Obama hit the Bay Area for a fast cash-and-grab fundraising drive Wednesday, but there were signs that even in one of the nation's most reliable Democratic ATMs, donor fatigue is setting in.

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 on New Emails Show Lois Lerne ...

Wow how grown up and mature! 'sarc/off'

IRS Party Caught on Tape: Dancing Away Tax Dollars

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 on 'Lone Survivor' Marcus Lut ...

I have zero tolerance for whiners!

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." George Washington

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 on New Emails Show Lois Lerne ...

The IRS + ObamaCare gatekeeping agency + Lerner email attitude towards conservatives = Welcome To H # $ &...

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 on Oops! Atheists who think G ...

Religious Freedom is our First Freedom

As the world threatens to shrink the value of religious beliefs, people of faith show that religious freedom is at the heart of what makes the world a better place. Religious freedom is the freedom of conscience; the freedom to think, act and follow one's beliefs. In America, it is our first freedom.

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 on Pelosi: Hamas is a humanit ...

Obama Signs NDAA Bill : What is the NDAA Bill you ask?

Allen West gets pissed at NDAA question. WHY?

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