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How a hetero activist breaks this cycle:
1. Take up and marry your same sex friend, wait 2 months, then divorce.
2. Take up with a different same sex friend , wait 2 months, then divorce
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, 25times.
Imagine 1,000,000 people doing this.

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Barry's going to take all 127,000 to Mc Donalds for lunch in D.C., then let them stay at that place on Pennsylvania Ave, you know the one with the funny colored floods out front. And he's going front all the proceeds for this out of his own pocket.

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The Supreme Court is nothing but a pack of thugs out on the hunt for victims.

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Harry: Want to marry me John?
John: Sure Harry, you know how I feel about you, it's all legal now.
Harry: I've been thinking about a wedding at that little church down the street, we can invite all of our LGBT friends.
John: Hey yeah, but they said we would have to become members, and follow the Word of God.
Harry: Let's sue them, then we'll turn it into a Harry's Church of Hedonism!
John: Great!

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"The Declaration of Independence is the all-time masterpiece of ideological simplification. There in a single sentence of self-evident truth, the founding Fathers put into clear, easily understandable focus, the broad basis of man's relationship to God, to government, and to his fellow man."
-- Clarence Manion

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