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 on Movie on Abortion Doctor K ...

Amazing Video of Conception to Birth Is Worth Watching Again and Again 4/16/14

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 on Finally: Scientists Unveil ...

Global Warming? Temperature Up 'Very Close to Zero' Over 15 Years
June 24, 2013

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 on Obama Signs 'Anti-Terroris ...

Truly, an astounding surprise! Another law, duly forged and passed by both Houses of Congress, and signed by the President-Pro-Islam, himself, and he's not going to obey it. (yawn) Just add it to the list of other charges pending.

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 on Finally: Scientists Unveil ...

This isn't one of the stolen Bundy cows is it?

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 on Finally: Scientists Unveil ...

Finally, something being done, in an analYTIC sort of way.

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 on Barry tells Dems to 'be pr ...

LIAR! There is NO way 8 Million signed up for this crap of a law! The Dems are running because they know the figures are made up and they don't want to be a part of it or be around when shit hits the fan.... Obo's bullcrap and lies are already costing Dems in their own states...

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 on 'Dumb Decision' or Pro-Oba ...

Under penalty of law I have yet to answer any questions on a census from that went beyond "how many people live in your household" ... end of discussion big brother.

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 on Texas Parents Hit Back Aft ...

Although I used to tell my son I wished I could squish him up so he would always be my little boy, he would never get big and could stay little forever. I've never been so glad that he is long out of school, because if he were still in school I would more than likely be in jail. My question to who came up with the curriculum they are saturating into our schools is what the heck are you thinking. Where's the common sense in any of this.

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 on Barry tells Dems to 'be pr ...

Frankly "even though the insurance company cashed your check, it doesn't mean it (the policy) has been implemented," "That's the problem – that the back end of Obamacare hasn't been fully built. You can go on the front end of an application and look at a list of plans, but what they don't tell you is that many of those plans don't have doctors yet.", & never will!!!!

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 on The Common Core Conundrum

Common Core, proposed Federal daycare for preschoolers, chicken fingers, and all of the rest. Add that up, and 2+2 will always come out to 4, and you will not have to explain anything. Prepare kids for jobs? What jobs? Maybe a state work camp.
The Communist Takover of America (Congressional Record 1963) -
Congressional Record, Vol. 109
88th Congress, 1st Session
Appendix Pages A1-A2842
Jan. 9-May 7, 1963

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