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Hope and Change - Animal Style

Jul 4, 2014 Obama had his brand of hope and change. Now lets try it animal style.

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 on Libertarian candidate Adri ...

Ross Perot said the same thing in 1992. It was only revealed months after Clinton won that the two of them had had secret meetings. Ross garnered roughly 19% of the vote, pulling mostly from GHW Bush, thus giving Clinton a win with less than 45% of the vote. Is Adrian another Ross intent on putting Charlie Chris back into the governors office as a democrat?

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 on The Final Chapter of Anima ...

Washington Opened The Gates Of H e l l In Iraq: Now Come The Furies AUGUST 27, 2014 · By David Stockman - David Stockman's Contra Corner

The late, great critic of the American Imperium, Chalmers Johnson, popularized the salient concept of “blowback”. That is, the notion that if you bomb, drone, invade, desecrate and slaughter—collaterally or otherwise— a people and their lands, they might find ways to return the favor.

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 on 'Taxes Really Matter': Who ...

Just because Burger Kings' Big King mushroom and swiss is 'kick ass' great, don't take a great thing away by soaking down the company with higher Corporate Tax levies. This is not America.

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 on Libertarian candidate Adri ...

A former libertarian abandons his dream of a voluntary world and explains the potential worse case scenario after the overnight disappearance of government. The ending will SHOCK you! DISCLAIMER: Most libertarians do support such a drastic change, and many might say something like: “liberty is a philosophical evolution, and not an overnight thing.”

Why libertinism is so dangerous

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 on 7 Reasons Why the Current ...

The gay marriage proponents are only trying to make us feel like racists, to force us into bowing to their views. That is not freedom or "tolerance" - that is coercion.

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 on The Final Chapter of Anima ...

Today, Buy 1, Get One for a Penny from me.
A tragic happening. There are not even enough adjectives in the dictionary, to describe the back stabbing they're giving America. Clandestine, covert, crooked, cunning, devious, dirty, dishonest, fraudulent, furtive, secret, shady, shifty, shorthanded, sly, sneaky, subversive, surreptitious, underhand, unethical, unfair, unscrupulous, wily
The Communist Takeover of America (Congressional Record 1963) -

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 on The Final Chapter of Anima ...

What's there to ponder?
65 Outrageous Lies by President Obama:

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 on Tim Tebow's Chivalrous Sur ...

Wishes are possible. They happen all the time. More than a non believing Pagan will ever know.

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 on Obama Bypassing Senate's C ...

Here where the idea was hatched and from who! Podesta’s Push for Executive Power Raises Stakes on Obama Agenda By Mike Dorning Dec 19, 2013

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