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    Repeal the ObamaCare individual mandate

    Stop the NSA's warrantless spying on Americans

    Refuse to reauthorize the Import-Export Bank

    Stop the ObamaCare bailouts of insurance companies


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So Mitch McConnell says they don't have the votes to stop the Obama treaty with Iran, Bullshit, Some Democrats are still not voting for it and their is no fight left in these cowards. But you don't care what we the people think, And you still have your seats in the Senate and House. But this time your lies and cowardice been levied against God and the only Nation in the middle east that is truly an ally.

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Black Power: A Done Deal—A Must Read

Fred Reed (born 1945 in Crumpler, West Virginia) is a writer and was formerly a technology columnist for The Washington Times.

A former Marine and Vietnam War veteran, Reed is a police writer and an occasional war correspondent. He currently writes weekly columns for the website Fred on Everything. His work is often satirical and opinionated.

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Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis Refuses to Issue Sodomites Marriage Licenses Under God’s Authority

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has been under fire from the sodomite community over her refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples and she has refused to step down from her position as county clerk. Now it appears that the sodomites are attempting to pressure her by pushing for a contempt of court charge, but David isn't going to be bullied.

WKYT reports:

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God Promises a Prophet like Moses

I know that you people have read the Bible, that’s a given. Most people nowadays are only taught from the New Testament. Do you remember reading that GOD told Moses and us in the Old Testament that He would send us a prophet that would speak His Word only? Sure you do, but here is a reminder. This is another reminder that God will always keep His promises.

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Six Christians Assaulted in Peaceful Protest - No One Seems to Care

America is supposed to be a place where everyone is protected by the same rights. People have the right to speak out when they think that there is an injustice. These people, no matter what they are protesting or speaking against, are afforded the protection of the law. It is their right to voice their disdain for what they believe is unlawful and even tyrannical.

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