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We've created a monster!

I don't think anyone would disagree, once you give an entity separate from yourself the power to make some decisions in your stead (a bit of your own sovereignty), you have created a 'monster' that absolutely must be kept under very tight control. Because sovereignty is such a valuable commodity, sharing it should give everyone great concern.

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9 hours 26 mins ago (Edited)  •  9 comments  •  Full Discussion »
Al Sharpton claims he's getting death threats. He should probably call the cops.

Poor Al.

Al Sharpton wants to make sure you know that the real victim of Saturday's execution-style killing of NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Raphael Ramos was not the cops involved. Oh sure, he's paying some transparent lip service to their deaths, but Sharpton thinks there are bigger issues at stake. He seems to think the real victims here are Al Sharpton and his money-grubbing movement.

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10 hours 20 mins ago  •  6 comments  •  Full Discussion »
One World Trade Center In New York City Is Topped With A Muslim Minaret

When Muslims claim victory in a military conquest, they raise up a minaret

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11 hours 39 mins ago  •  5 comments  •  Full Discussion »
North Korea Is Threatening To ‘Blow Up’ The White House

North Korea is claiming there is clear evidence that US Government was behind Sony’s movie ‘The Interview’. North Korea is threatening to blow up multiple citadels in the US including the White House and the Pentagon. A Rant by Korean authorities was published in a state run news agency call KCNA.

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23 hours 41 mins ago  •  4 comments  •  Full Discussion »
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