• HIST101 Judge Napolitano's "Founding the American Republic"

    The Founding Fathers created the Constitution in order to protect individuals and limit the power of government. In this course Judge Napolitano examines how and why the Constitution was created, and also discusses how the protections of the Constitution have eroded over time, resulting in an expansive and more powerful federal government.

    5 Lessons
  • ECON101 Understanding Economics

    This course will examine the important role that markets play in allocating scarce resources. Special emphasis will be given to the ability of markets to convey important information that allows disparate individuals to coordinate their economic activities. This course will also contrast the market with government command-and-control policies for resource allocation. The work of both Hayek and Mises will provide the foundation for this course.

    7 Lessons
  • ECON102 A Guide to Economic Policy

    This course will examine the economy as a whole, and how government policies affect economic outcomes. The importance and nature of money will be discussed, and the causes and consequences of business cycles will be evaluated. The goal of any economic policies should be to promote growth and prosperity, and various government actions will be assessed on this basis.

    4 Lessons


This FreedomWorks University degree examines the intersection of economics, government, and politics. Upon completion, students should have an understanding of basic economic principles, as well as an understanding of ideas behind the founding of the United States and the writing of the U.S. Constitution. Courses will review the forces that guide human action, both in the market place and in government. Students will learn the economic way of thinking and how to apply economic analysis to both markets and government.